one “giant” boo-boo after another…..

Giant as in Giant Food Stores is having one D’oh moment after the other.  I can’t take credit for the new game we are all playing. You see, my friend Ann started us all on the new game of “what did Giant misspell and mass produce and put in its stores today?”

So far this week (and it is only Tuesday) Giant can’t spell Wanamaker and Wegmans.

They have  posters in all the Giant Food Courts depicting old Philadelphia.  Only they misspelled Wanamaker. As in Wanamaker Building, John Wanamaker department store, etc., etc.  The photo here is from the Giant on Boot Road, and I have confirmation from other people who shop at other Giants that this mistake is in their local Giant stores too.

And then just now, my friend Ann noticed another boo-boo superior D’oh moment.

One would figure if you were going to tout your prices as being better than the competition, you would spell the name of whomever  or whatever correctly, right?

(Sigh, they did not)

So we are thinking someone in the Giant of it all needs spell check?

Giant was tweeted about this, but alas no response.

If you have a Giant boo-boo that you have seen, feel free to let us know!  You can tweet any Giant boo boos @gossipgirl19380 .

And here I thought I was only going to shame Giant for the lazy dairy man. A couple of weeks ago the first four cartons of eggs I opened all contained broken eggs.  So I handed them to the dairy man re-stocking the aisle.  He put one of the four dozen with broken eggs BACK on the shelf.

Giant seems to be headed towards its own Giant-shaming page, eh?  It definitely needs proof readers.

D’oh-ver and out.