new discovery in malvern: the eclectic market on king

Garage Sale Chic Chester County

The Eclectic Market, Malvern, PA

So today after having way too much fun at the fall sale of Garage Sale Chic Chester County (and I have to tell you I scored the coolest vintage floor lamp) , I stopped in Malvern to drop off a bag of non-perishable food at Knots & Weaves in Malvern, who were collecting today for Chester County Food Bank during their in-store event.

The Eclectic Market, Malvern, PA

I dropped off my stuff on the first floor where the rugs are (their rugs are GORGEOUS, but too expensive for me right now) and checked out the loft upstairs  that has some fun vintage items, stuff that wanted to be vintage, and some nice bits of fun costume jewelry.  But they did not have what I was seeking today, so I decided to check out another store I had never been in. From the window I saw a cool piece of Tole and thought it would  be more to my liking.

The Eclectic Market, Malvern, PA

People, OMG I found a delightful little store that is a veritable treasure trove of vintage, antiques, quirky, and collectibles: The Eclectic Market run by a man named Tom Scofield. (his partner is named Mary Jo but I did not meet her)



SO much fun.  Very reasonably priced items.  I scored a pristine vintage wing chair for pennies.

There were a whole bunch of other things, that had I had the room and the change in my pocket would have gone home with me too!

The Eclectic Market is located at 148 East King Street, Malvern, PA 19355.  They also will consign items for customers if they have space.  They will definitely deal in price as they like to keep their inventory moving.

The Eclectic Market, Malvern, PA

And if you have not checked out Garage Sale Chic Chester County, you are also missing out!!

With BOTH of these businesses – The Eclectic Market and Garage Sale Chic Chester County, you are getting friendly knowledgeable service. No attitude. No hard sell.  No  snottiness . FAIR prices (and I will dicker for a deal, and these people price fairly.)  For THAT alone I would check both of these businesses out!