do you pinterest? what do you pin?

I play around on Pinterest.  It is to me like a giant look book/inspiration board.  I love the cool photography I find, along with decorating and cooking ideas and beautiful or zany fashion to gawk at. Recently I started following people who follow gingerbread house bakers because First Friday Main Line has a gingerbread house contest December 7th.

For a lot of people, the jury is still out on Pinterest.  I think it is fun.

They just started secret  boards – each user gets two or three I think.  It means only you and whomever you invite can see the board.

So if you are on Pinterest, let me know how YOU pin on Pinterest. (and post the link to your Pinterest page if you would like!)

You can follow me at pinupgirlPA (yes it struck me as a funny play on words)

2 thoughts on “do you pinterest? what do you pin?

  1. I love Pinterest. It’s a lot of fun! I try to keep my boards somewhat well-curated. I make sure I don’t blindly repin. I always check the link before repinning because I don’t want my friends on pinterest to click on something neat I’ve repinned only to be led to porn, for an extreme example. (And yes, it’s happened to me when clicking on other people’s pins.) And I try to make sure the description matches the photo and content on the linked page.

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