life’s little realities can be so unpleasant.

DSC_0239When I blog, I blog for me.  I find things that interest me to write about and I do just that.  Both here and on my breast cancer blog.

They say God never gives you more than you can handle, and I am almost to the point where the Lord and I need a sit down so we can discuss the definition of that.

I am being faced with the grim reality that I might very well be losing another dog.

It has been barely two months since I said good-bye to my beloved Mr. Peanut, and well I have had some rather difficult news about his brother Iggy.

Iggy has lymphoma.

Iggy is not so old, only middle-aged in fact.  So tomorrow we go to a dog oncologist.  Dr. Ann Jeglum in West Chester.  One of my vets recommends her highly.  I have however, seen mixed reviews so I am anxious.

Iggy and his brother saw me through breast cancer and the break up of my former relationship. Well technically I guess you could call it abandonment – the ex factor had a late midlife crisis as the first blizzard of February 2010 was beginning and took off in the snow never to be heard from again.  He left his dog with me.  She was quite elderly and failing. (We lost her Labor Day 2010)  To this day that is still what sticks with me about that whole time: he left his dog.

Anyway Iggy and his brother saw me through all that.  So I owe it to him to try to not go to pieces.

But this is incredibly hard.   The prognosis is not so hot for dogs that have this.

So all of you out there that send me stuff, it is 15 days until Christmas and I can’t help you.   My interest is in hopefully being able to save my dog. Or being able to let him go if I can’t.

Right now I would be happy if I could stop crying.   So when some of you write to me and talk about things that are unfair, well sorry, I think this is grossly unfair.  So pardon me while I am a little selfish right now.

If you want a good rescue to donate to this holiday season there are two I recommend: Chester County SPCA and Main Line Animal Rescue.   And if you see an animal being mistreated, or one that has been abandoned, call the proper authorities and keep calling until something is done.  I don’t care if it is a hamster or a horse….abuses is abuse, neglect is neglect.

Please say a prayer to St. Francis for my Iggy.






7 thoughts on “life’s little realities can be so unpleasant.

  1. He looks so happy here in there photo. I am so sorry. If anything happened to my Gigi I think I would lose my mind. Prayers to St. Francis as we speak.

  2. He left his dog?? And in a snow storm?? Good grief, sounds like a good/bad country western song. Probably realized he didn’t deserve any of you. I will pray to St Francis, you have that chat with God. And have faith – a lot of people are pulling for you and Iggy.

  3. Poor Iggy….pulling for you and for that adorable little guy! Faith is powerful and hopefully the Lord and St. Francis will cut you some much-needed (and deserved) slack!! Hang in there!!

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