a photo is worth a thousand words

Saw this in Philadelphia the other day.  Had to snap it.  They weren’t responding to a call. Couldn’t believe they just rolled up and parked next to a fire hydrant, but they did. Anyone else would have received a parking ticket or been towed.

I have a lot of respect for law enforcement and first responders, but seeing something like this is just as bad as seeing thoughtless cell phone yammering Main Line babes parking in handicap parking spaces in shopping districts like Wayne, Bryn Mawr, and Ardmore.

gotta love this


4 thoughts on “a photo is worth a thousand words

  1. not really the same. If there is a call when they are in the Wawa, they can run right out the door, hop in the van and be off.

    • So what if there is a fire when they are in said WaWa and the fire truck can’t get proper and immediate access to the fire hydrant? Sorry but it is the same to me: not right.

  2. The cops are the law. Didn’t you know that? They will tell you…Honest.

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