dear bottle chucking pinnacle vodka elf

p2Dear Pinnacle Vodka Elf,

It has been a year since you started chucking empty Pinnacle vodka bottles out of your vehicle along Route 352 between Paoli Pike and King Road.  You only chuck in one direction which is headed towards Route 30. Today alone I passed at least 10 bottles on various lawns and alongside the road smashed to bits.

The hypothesis formed is you either are a rep for this vomitorious rot-gut bar pour or you work for a country club/golf club or restaurant.  There have been too many bottles chucked out the window to be a bunch of kids getting rid of party evidence or a state store employee.

Sooner or later you will get caught.  If you want to pickle your liver, it’s your business. But kindly stop chucking the bottles onto the road and people’s lawns.

Merry Christmas.

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