no time for the haters

store-front-Sandy-Hook-edited_jpg-592x333What happened in Sandy Hook, CT has paralyzed our nation.  It happened during a very holy time of the year for multiple faiths and murdering children is just about as heinous as heinous gets.

I thought that horror could not be topped, but apparently it can. The freaks at Westboro Baptist Church have decided only Dorothy should stay in Kansas and are planning on picketing Sandy Hook funerals. You know because it isn’t difficult enough already for these families to bury their children who were brutally murdered just because they were in the wrong place that was supposed to be a safe place, right?

These people who are part of Westboro Baptist Church worship an angry God that no one I know recognizes.  To say “God sent a shooter” to murder innocent children is a big bag of wrong and I think it is high time these people are recognized as a hate group. If they are “Christians” they aren’t the brand I want to know. Ever.

And oh yeah, God don’t like ugly and these people are ugly that’s for sure.  So say a prayer for the little ones, and tune out the haters.

Check out these articles:

Dec 17, 2012 09:47 PM EST

The Washington Post

Westboro Baptist Church to picket Sandy Hook funerals: 4 ways to respond

Westboro Baptist Church, the tiny independent fundamentalist Christian church based in Topeka, Kan., announced on Twitter that, once again, they are planning to stomp over our nation’s heartache by protesting at the funerals of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and declaring “God sent the shooter.”How do you solve a problem like Westboro Baptist Church? Here are a few options.

Westboro Baptist Church Spokesperson’s Twitter Hacked By Anonymous

The Huffington Post |   By
Posted: 12/17/2012  6:51 pm EST  |  Updated: 12/17/2012  6:57 pm EST

It seems the vitriolic, hyper-controversial group known as Westboro Baptist Church may have finally gone too far.

As soon as the WBC announced plans to picket a vigil for the victims of Friday’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, hacktivist group Anonymous announced its own plans to retaliate against the group, with spokesperson Shirley Phelps-Roper so far bearing the brunt of the group’s efforts.

In a video posted to Vimeo under the handle KY Anonymous, the group vowed retribution.

Here is a final article which suggests ways to help these poor families in Connecticut affected by this tragedy:

Posted: 7:29 AM Last Updated: 2 hours and 43 minutes  ago

By: Katie Walmsley, CNN

The Newtown community has begun to say goodbye to victims of the December 14  shooting with a series of funerals, memorial services and vigils.

As the entire community struggles to come to terms with what happened, and  tries to understand the inexplicable, families have started the process of  deciding how they’d prefer gifts in their relative’s name be directed.

Below is a list of ways to donate in victims’ names, and ways to send  families messages of support and condolence, as detailed in their  obituaries.

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