there goes the neighborhood

dupontWell, as some may or may not recall I have wanted to photograph the existing structures on Foxcatcher Farm (AKA John DuPont’s old estate) but could never get the people whose name was currently on the gate to call me back (Rouse Group and they were calling it Ashford).

I guess we might want to just call this estate Sybil because it is receiving a name change and developer change.  It’s a four letter word: TOLL.

Sigh…there goes the neighborhood.  There goes that corner.  There goes Goshen Road. There goes all the fabulous old structures on the property.  The developer with the soul of plastic Lego building is the new developer as per Patch449 housing units, can you imagine?

Toll Brothers To Develop 449 Luxury Homes in Newtown Square

Formerly known as the Ashford site, Liseter luxury homes is scheduled to open home sales in January 2013.

By Jennifer Kim  Email the author December 4, 2012

NEWTOWN SQUARE–The estate on the corner of Rt. 252/Newtown Street Road and Goshen Road in Newtown Square–owned by The Rouse Group–will soon be redeveloped into luxury homes by luxury home builder Toll Brothers.

“We were just informed…that Toll Brothers has partnered up with Rouse development to construct Ashford, which will be renamed to Liseter–Liseter is the farm that the du Pont family originally called the property,” announced Newtown Township Manager Mike Trio at a supervisors meeting on Nov. 26.

According to Trio, Toll Brothers has “strictly committed” to the township’s development standards….The township was scheduled to have a meeting with Toll Brothers during the last week of November to go through a permit schedule and fee breakdown. Toll Brothers is expected to start construction by the end of the year. Trio said demolition permits have already been approved and demolition on the site is already taking place…

  • Seven collections of luxurious carriage and single-family homes

  • There will be 449 units in total

Good to know Newtown Township has “strict” development standards.  Given what had been planned for the old Ellis School site, it has been a little hard to tell.

I will tell you what, given what I have seen of Toll Brother developments here in Chester County I really think this is going to be a cram plan of cookie cutter plastic houses to satisfy the urges of the masses to say they live “in the country” and in a “carriage home”, don’t you?

Can we say Byers Station-like? Jean Austin DuPont must be turning in her grave.

How much development is enough?

Realistically I knew there would be a development here once there were no more DuPonts interested in the estate, but this is quite simple too dense a plan close onto an already densely populated area.

Sigh….buh bye open space…

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! It said “Luxury Home Builder”. More like Large Rickety Home Builder.

  2. There are a number of questions that should be put before Newtown Township regarding this. 1) Were they aware that Toll would ultimately develop the property and not Rouse, or is that something that materialized at the last minute, or did Rouse omit that information? My biased take is that Rouse served as the “face” for this development to avoid the increased scrutiny and public opposition that I believe would have resulted if the public knew that Toll would be the developer from the outset. 2) Rouse’s plan for this site was always 400+ homes using a cluster development design. It was my understanding that these would be carriage homes and the like and restricted to 55+. With Toll now in the picture and clearly indicating/advertising that there will be single family homes, did something change?

    Further, hopefully Toll is donating a nice chunk to the Newtown Square Fire Company. 449 homes will equal a large number of false alarms and other response needs for a volunteer department.

  3. ugh, so sad. I always find it annoying when these new “houses” are sold as carriage houses. It is a total oxymoron.

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  5. I’ve been waiting to drive through to see exactly how these homes will be situated, etc. As a planner, I am appalled. Newtown Township should be ashamed that they approved this development. These McMansions are so closely sited, homeowners will be living on top of each other; I see no evidence of clustering and open space appears to be a minimum (retention basins, etc) with the exception of the pond beside Goshen Road. As yet, I see no evidence of carriage home construction; guess that’s not their primary market at this point.. If you don’t believe me; drive through yourself.

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