es schneit! es schneit!

snow 2(It’s snowing! It’s snowing!)

Well thank goodness!  When I saw the sleet earlier I was worried that NBC10’s Glenn Hurricane Schwartz might be moved to tears of it DIDN’T snow….he was in rare form on the 11 p.m. NBC10 news last night, practically skipping around the news set with glee at the prospect of snow.

I am thinking it might be a snowy winter this winter…but usually I would have seen lots of wooly worms in the late summer and into the fall and I didn’t.

It is beautiful out, time to take snow photos.  Drive carefully as I have noticed that PennDOT did not do such a fabulous job pre-treating.



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  1. And everyone thought it would go down like John Bolaris “storm of the century” Hurricane is saved!!!!

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