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  1. Thank you for your continued posts in this blog on this house. I have driven past it many times since I moved down here in May, 2009. That’s nearly four years ago next month, and I have seen nothing done about it since then. I noticed the other day that the vines are literally growing INSIDE the house, and I do mean inside. One of these days I’m going to park my car in a neighboring lot, take my good digital camera with a zoom lens and go over there and take photos. Someone should shame the owners of this property into seeing what it really looks like. Right now all it’s fit for is the bulldozer, but from what I understand, it has great historical significance; it was originally the General Wayne Tavern and dates from early 1800s. I am sure some people would say: “Why do you care?”, but i think that anyone who is interested in history would be shocked by the fact that this property has been apparently left to go to rack and ruin with no oversight whatsoever. Now it’s just (sadly) an eyesore.

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