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8354078628_a14b5dec48_bSigh….do people really think that what they write on the Internet is private?  And when they yickety yack no one will dish on them?

And I so love (yes love) when I am referred to by those who just ummm…doth protesteth too much.

Here’s the 411: I did not go looking for irregularities in horse rescue.  I am not rescuing a horse, have never rescued a horse, no longer ride. This all started because of strange postings on Craig’s List.  Not really knowing many in the horse community, I had no idea how this issue would literally explode.  I still have no clue who put up those Craig’s List postings.  But whomever they are, they exposed a seedy underbelly.

All these people rolled up and started commenting.  Apparently this is a HUGE issue in the racing and horse community.  Once Pandora’s stall was opened more stuff was found on the internet and more and more people left comments.

This is not an advertised blog.  Yet here are all these people caring about the same thing.

So it ends up this horse hurricane is centered around a non-profit called Turning For Home and as I understand it a woman who helps dole out these horses leaving the professional life named Barbara Luna?  As I have come to understand it based upon the MANY MANY comments of others left on these posts she works with horse rescues?  The one that piqued my curiosity, was the one that kept cropping up as a topic on those Craig’s List ads was Off The Track Rescue run by a woman named Jessica Basciano .  Until the Craig’s List ads I had never heard about ANY of this.

OTTBOff The Track Rescue unless someone can tell me differently does not appear to be a non-profit or even a formerly formed business, does it? Can anyone find anything other than a fictitious name registration?  Note, that is nothing illegal, but most rescues I know of are non profits so they can accept donations for which people get a tax write off and so they can apply for grants.  Because why? Rescue is EXPENSIVE.   Comments on these posts from people involved with this Jessica and from Jessica herself seem to indicate that the Barbara Luna seems to give like an allowance per horse she places with them?  Is that enough money and quite honestly without a non-profit status or falling under the umbrella of another non-profit isn’t that a taxable nightmare?

Anyway, the fur has been flying since I first mentioned funky Craig’s List ads.   Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.  Some of the comments left by those PRO-rescue can indeed be interpreted as harassing or threatening and the tales of what 8354078868_5d2d47b3dc_bhappens when the horse sets complain about this rescue is a little odd isn’t it?

And also odd the Where’s Waldo of it all as far as locations of this rescue.  They say Glenmoore, but then there are also references to Phoenixville and Oxford and then lots of refuting a couple of the locations like they don’t exist but people see these rescue horses in these fields so what is up with that?

And then there is the chatter between some of this crew on Facebook after they read things here and comment.  And they do things LOL like refer to “that blogger” and “everyone who thinks they are a writer”.  (Oh honies, silly youse gals, I am a writer)

Yes, if I perceive something as a threat, harassment, or anything else I will indeed publish the name, e-mail addy and I.P. address publicly.  Duh. It’s my blog and maybe in the further reaches of Chester County bullying and harassment is ok, but not where I live.  And I want it to be clear who is saying what.  This is all something very ordinary, and if they were talking to a reporter in traditional media do they seriously think they would all be unnamed sources? And who the heck is making them verbally regurgitate all over the Internet?

I said it before, will repeat it again:  if everyone is on the up and up and all these horses have a proper paper trail in and OUT of state – if they all have tattoos that match those coggins things (never knew what that was until this started), if all the prospective homes for these horses have been properly vetted like they do for other animal rescues, if ALL the vet records are made available for prospective families and those who have already adopted horses, why fuss?  If it is all on the up and up, no worries necessary, right?

But is all the right stuff happening or just more questions and layers and layers of innuendo and comments I sure as hell didn’t seek out? And there are so many questions now that yes, the traditional media is looking at all of this as I understand it.  Apparently what happens to horse once they leave race tracks is somewhat of a hot button topic across the country, isn’t it?

Also at issue here for me is what this group called LAPS actually does. After all if they actually did their job would there be so many darn comments on horse rescue???? And what about this Barbara Luna and Turning for Home?? Of all people, she can explain what the heck is going on.  She can definitively state what horse went where, what monies went with, what records went with and one would also think she would know the ultimate destination of these large, expensive animals, right?

Lurking media?  Please cover this and settle this issue once and for all.  I am tired of much ado about horse rescue. And yes, if I think of something as being menacing, threatening, or harassing, I will post a comment in its entirety including e-mail and IP addresses.   Truthfully I can do that with ANY comment.

(To avoid any belly aching about the screen shots from Facebook, if you don’t have your privacy settings on and the little globe is showing, it means you are showing these posts to the world. )

If nothing bad is happening, then the record will be corrected, but posturing is not proof is it? So when this gets back to being about the horses, let me know ok?

At the end of the day people, I did not originate this topic.  It was out there with plenty of stuff publicly available. But hey, I am just a ninny, right? So what do I know?
I see this as a made for Lifetime TV Moment of Truth Movie some day there is so much yackety yak…..

wading into a potential manure pile

not snapped to anyone’s lead line

groundhog day came early…

horsegate…oh, the drama!

the funny thing about asking questions about  horse rescue…

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  1. Being a horse lover…any animal lover really…..I find this all extremely fascinating. Would love some more waves made out of this situation…seems these rescues (2 particular women) really do anything but rescue!

  2. Hi, I’ve recently been following and I wanted to just some up some things that many people do not know. Turning for Home is I believe a legit organization (haven’t personally checked, maybe someone can clarify if I’m wrong) But they aren’t exactly a rescue. The tracks began an initiative to keep race horses out of the auction houses and to do this they started programs like Turning for Home.(TFH) (now if I get any of this wrong about the organization, please someone set me straight) TFH are contacted by trainers/owners of race horses that they need to place (many tracks in PA require horses are adopted out or sold privately and will usually kick trainers out if they sent to auctions) and TFH places them with rescues who are required to do all the paperwork and adopt them out to legit homes. TFH is made up of volunteer vets and other professionals and the horses sent out to the rescues usually arrive with “Funds for Care” (that’s what I’ll call it) and they are provided with surgeries to get horses that need it going in the right direction. The funds are not always consistent and it is depended on the horse (in no way is it enough to run a rescue). As for My opinion: I think what’s happening is certain rescues are taking advantage of the “Funds for Care” and when horses arrive they foster them out to people who might not realize what is going on so that they can make room for more horses and more money. Rescues who get horses from TFH do not get to pick the horses, it’s all at random. So I think some rescues are shuffling horses around to foster situations so that they can make room for more money and more horses that are ready to adopt out and make even more money. A rescue does not have to be a non-profit to open it’s doors and not all rescues are bad, but in this situation the rescue needs to be held accountable and TFH needs to step up and investigate because unfortunately TFH is the only (person/organization) in this whole situation that has any real legal standings. For all we know these people had no idea what was happening and they are getting berated for trying to help and for all we know they were helping (the horses)

  3. You would think Barb Luna would want this all cleared up if for no other reason than to spare her own reputation. This excerpt from an email she sent me says she just doesnt care.

    I am very sorry for your disappointment in your experience with After the Races. I do have Making Tracks’ veterinary evaluation, which was done after he returned from your boarding stable, by Dr. Anthony Rodriguez on 8/24/11 in which the vet concluded he had no stifle injury, but showed some “scuff and soft tissue swelling on his fetlock (ankle).” We did not and still do not believe he is a dangerous horse, or we would not have let a young girl, or anyone for that matter, adopt him!
    He has since been adopted and to my knowledge, there has been no problem with his soundness, which is what I would expect from the veterinary evaluation done by Dr. Rodriguez. ”

    Now fast forward to Jan 2013 and the following post from ‘Jen’….who has apparently adopted the horse I paid for:

    “Carol I am going to reply to your comment only because I think you need to grow up and let this go. you got who was ‘moose’ over a year ago……you do not have a life and are just starting drama. I was there when you and your daughter came to find a horse. you do not have the maturity to pick a horse for your daughter. With her riding ability I would not put her on a thoroughbred. She should be on a child safe pony, you were looking for a cheap horse and it’s totally your fault for losing money. If you wrote donations thats your fault. Act like an adult and take responsibility for your actions. I am only standing up for Jessica about this because I think you are wrong. She did not try to put this horse off on me and hide him. I picked him, i personally adopted him. He might have a few stifle issues but I do not blaim anyone except myself for getting him. again all of you grow up and leave this woman alone. You are too prideful to accept it’s your fault so you take people to court to put the blame on someone else. i do not want to be part of any of this because you are all being childish and need to move on.”

    It is almost painful to watch these young women hang themselves for Jessica.
    1. did he have a stifle injury? or didn’t he?
    2. was he sound..or wasn’t he?
    3. if he was unsafe for a child to ride…why oh why did Jessica sell him to a 12 year old autistic child??
    4. is Jen suggesting it’s a matter of buyer beware? if so, where is your moral compass pointing??
    5. I havnt sued anyone yet. As a matter of fact,I was willing to take it as a life lesson until several…..several families came out to talk about what has and is happening to them and the horses.
    6. I do feel bad for you Jen. I understand you and most likely your parents not wanting to get involved which is why I never contacted you…however, I do take exception to someone your age judging my parenting abilities.
    7. Please review every post I have made. The only people I have named are the two I have an issue with…Jessica Basciano and Barb Luna both of whom are VERY aware of what they are doing.

    If, as advertised, and as reported by both Barb Luna and Jessica Basciano Making Tracks had no injuries when sold to my child, show me the vet records. It seems like such a simple fix to me.

    • Also from Barb Luna:

      “SInce I was not on the property when you and Jessica discussed payment issues, I cannot respond to your disagreement in that area. I can, however, assure you that I am completely confident that Jessica Basciano would not try to adopt a horse to anyone without disclosing any known issues. As the administrator of Turning For Home, I examine every horse, have every horse vetted, keep careful and concise reports and disclose all veterinary information to the programs with which we work, just so there are no misunderstandings. We do not work with any programs which do not pass on this information–it is bad for the horses and would destroy our credibility. ”

      Time to step up…there are at least 6 families that have told me otherwise…heres your answer people! Barb will gladly disclose all paperwork….just call her! 🙂

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