“that blog” (should I whinny or something?)

5Lordy.  I can’t escape the horse drama.  The following screen shots were sent along to me.  One of them has some white out because although I am “that blog” , things that do not pertain to this nonsense can be kept out.

This whole situation is a little cray cray at this point.

I will note that today some people go to court against Jessica Basciano and Off Track Thoroughbred Rescue – cour3t dockets don’t lie: Docket Number: MJ-15306-CV-0000205-2012.

Also, what is the kerfuffle over a horse named Making Tracks/Cash  (horse id 1851073) on a site called “Dream Horse” ?


Have to ask what LAPS is doing?  Or do their “helpful” folks merely indulge in gossip versus doing what they are supposed to do?  And why is it this Barbara Luna from Turning for Home has nothing to say about this?  She started the ball rolling by dolling out horses, correct?  Maybe that Deborah Jones will come to PA?


4 thoughts on ““that blog” (should I whinny or something?)

  1. Ladies Tricks are for kids wake up and smell the horse shit will you please? She is the Master puppeteer of you all and why I have no clue ~~

  2. Court was….well interesting. Can anyone say ‘petulant child’? I get it now. Why everyone says ‘you won’t believe it until you see it with your own two eyes.’ Ms Basciano showed up with two young women, around 17 or 18 years old. The sat with their feet on the partician bewteen the defandants table and the gallery…legs up and smirks firmly planted on little faces. It was all rather civilized until Ms. Basciano took the stand. She contradicted herself several times…so much so that we had to smile…it WAS amusing. Even the lawyer began to laugh at one point and Ms. Basciano tried to stop the proceedings to ask why. Thankfully the Judge quicky put her back in her place. She was extremely combative and as it became more and more apparent that no one was buying her line of bull she started to unravel. Hands shaking, tripping over words, pretending to win points she had just lost. If I didn’t have such anger toward her for what she did to my child and several others…I’d almost feel sorry for her. Oh how the high and mighty have fallen today. 🙂

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