so who was looking at the shame of east whiteland today?

shame of east whitelandI was stopped at the 352 traffic light earlier today and noticed this man poking around Linden Hall/Wayne Tavern.  This guy was peeking in windows and jiggling the door handles on those two doors which can be seen in the photo.

The phone number on the sale sign is 856-778-4900 – it goes with a site called  Of course they are paying real attention to detail on their website where they call this location “Lancaster Ave & Sproud Road”.  They have a flyer on it and they list it as 8.7 acres of vacant land/ 4 “Pad” sites  like a historic structure doesn’t sit on it. Here is their “concept” plan, which contains (hold me back) a convenience store (because the giant Wawa and other places within spitting distance aren’t enough, a proposed bank (the new nail salon), and a proposed restaurant.  And wouldn’t it be nice if they could keep the site tidy and free of debris and unnecessary signage?

What I don’t get is why no one tries to work with existing structure in this case?  It is a building that spent what? Close to 200 years as an inn?   And face it, an inn with a restaurant would be welcome because as far as lodging close by, what is there?  And how many chain restaurants or bad pizza places are needed?

Again I lament the lack of vision with municipalities in Chester County when it comes to their commercial corridors.  And East Whiteland has definite issues in this area. Look at the United Artists Movie Theater which is supposedly closing? And for what? A used car dealership or something? How unappealing is that and isn’t Jeff D’Ambrosio’s unattractiveness enough right there?

Again I note East Whiteland ironically lists this home as a historical site on their website.  Apparently they value these structures, only they don’t seem to push them towards permanent preservation?

But hey what do I know?  I am but a mere mortal .

5 thoughts on “so who was looking at the shame of east whiteland today?

  1. The site plan seems to indicate a “Proposed Relocated House” Always take developers with a grain of salt, but it appears that they would move the structure and re-purpose it.

  2. this house was originally owned/ under possession by the real estate gentleman Sam ____ upon his passing it feel I believe to his daughter as it was to be utilized since his passing ( he was my landlord in Paoli West Shopping Center and his office was over behind Burger King in that square ) it has been left to languish just like the old Malvern Meeting house that they sold ions ago

  3. The only APPROVED plan for that property keeps the house right where it is and puts a shopping center / office mixed use facility way back behind it. The “concept plan” is nonsense. It doesn’t take into consideration the two streams that cross the property.

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