historic demolition by neglect?

yellow springs 2I was astounded that when I went to the village of Historic Yellow Springs for dinner at the amazing Yellow Springs Inn over the weekend that Historic Yellow Springs or whomever owns  Vaughn House has not done a blessed thing yet as far as saving this historic structure. I mean it has been years at this point.

There  stood Vaughn House last Saturday evening like a ghetto shell of its former self. I had not been to the village since early fall, and would have thought by now that something other than demolition by neglect would have been happening.

yellow springs 1And yes, I understand some of my readers take *issue* with me mentioning the deteriorating, run down Vaughn house when I talk about fabulous dining experiences at Yellow Springs Inn.  The truth is I do it on purpose.  Historic Yellow Springs in my opinion neither respects nor appreciates the treasure that is Yellow Springs Inn and I find them extremely hypocritical at this point because if a private citizen owned Vaughn House I have no doubt everyone would be on them like white on rice to do repairs….yet what is happening?  Vaughn House continues to rot. I can’t help but wonder if it is salvageable at all at this point.

Vaughn House should not be allowed to continue to rot and moulder.  It brings down property values of everything around it in its current state of disrepair it also might be dangerous as a structure. It is criminal that it is being allowed to rot like this. Have they even had a structural engineer do an assessment?

I really do hate to criticize Historic Yellow Springs but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if they squander  the breathtaking beauty and charm that is this historic village? It’s not just all about the art studio and I think for all the effort they put into the studio and promoting the studio and promoting events at the studio that they could hold a fundraiser or something to raise the roof back up on Vaughn House and repair it before it falls in on itself.yellow springs 3

Historic Yellow Springs needs to decide what they want to do one way or the other. If they want to repair Vaughn House they need to get busy.  If they need to admit that perhaps the structure is too far gone at this point, that is something else they need to decide.  Otherwise what it eventually going to happen is West Pikeland might decide for them.  Of course if they are passively aggressively hoping for that, they could just be honest about it.

Historic Yellow Springs is a village of beauty and history.  Like many other non-profit places of historic import it apparently also has lots of problems doesn’t it?

Pity that.

Here’s hoping they have an epiphany sooner rather than later.  They can’t recreate the specialness, so why not get back to preserving it?

2 thoughts on “historic demolition by neglect?

  1. FYI: The vaughn house has been sold to a private party who is awaiting restoration permitting.

    • Why thank you for that information. I have, however, just had another update and it is most sad if indeed true.

      A reliable source tells me the new owner of the burned out house wants to restore the house, but the township engineer over there and an independent architect say the damage is too extensive. They say they believe the township wants it torn down and to become a parking lot. If this is true, it is something which also makes me a bit upset because although once the horse is out of the proverbial barn it is out, but yet still I wonder if Historic Yellow Springs had acted more promptly a few years ago shortly after the fire happened would it be different? IF this house is slated for demolition it is no great surprise given the condition it has been in since the fire….and if this is true, I feel sorry for the new property owners because if they are forced to demolish, in a sense they have purchased a pig in a poke haven’t they?

      If this is true and Vaughn House is soon for the wrecking ball I hope the board of Historic Yellow Springs and the executive director realize they need to do more if the village is to survive.


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