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wildcat lakeLest we forget out here in Chester County, it is not just dogs that need the kindness and caring of the public, horses do too.

So I am circling back to the topic of horse rescue.  Briefly.  It is my hope since the media that is interested in horse rescue irregularities now knows how to find their way to Chester County, they will check out what is up with horse rescue.  Especially since so many come literally off a track in Pennsylvania.

See this horse photo posted?  His name I am told is Wildcat.  He has a story posted with his photo.  I found it all on Facebook yesterday, and it is quite recent. I will share that too:

wildcat story

Yes it is fugly out there when it comes to horse rescue, and I wish that just one iota of the media attention shown to other types of animals, animal cruelty, and animal rescue would show here.  Wildcat ended up with a happy ending of sorts because he ended up thousands of miles away on a farm of a caring woman from Oklahoma….who is still waiting apparently for either Turning for Home through Parx or Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue to pony up the horse’s paperwork and medical records.  I can’t make this stuff up, just look for yourselves:

wildcat 2

Horses are expensive and when they change hands they have all these things that are supposed to go with them. I am too tired to go into all of it again, but can we leave it as horse rescue seems to me to be a somewhat dirty business?  And can we also say around here that these race horses that come off the track via a woman named Barbara Luna and Turning for Home and in turn go to a rescue that isn’t even a non-profit called Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue at 261 Fairview Road in Glenmoore are long overdue with some explaining on Wildcat and other horses placed into rescue?   Are there still horses related to this rescue at a place called Lasko Farm in Oxford? After all how else do you explain why some horse lovers/owners are still so upset in Chester County? That photo of Wildcat above is on Facebook in a couple of different places – in once place it cause enough uproar for over 80 comments .  These PA “rescues” are even being discussed by a pretty big deal nationally known horse rescue person, and I would not say it is all positive and love, is it?

The dogs in our world have a lot of good people to look after them and fight for them.  Horses, not so much.  Around these parts they are supposed to have LAPs, but does that do any good?  No one can ever seem to answer that question for me.

My final comment this morning is for the dogs. The outpouring of love and support for the Bock family over the loss of their beloved dogs Argus & Fiona is so truly amazing and wonderful…some of the more negative behavior I have heard about associated with this? Not so much. I really don’t dig the idea of strangers taking the nosy pleasure ride through Chester Springs to see “where it happened” or the comments I have seen threatening innocent animals or when I heard about the freak of a woman who stood in the road with a bull horn screaming.

I find this morning’s article in The Daily Local interesting.  Especially since West Vincent officials pretty much hid from the media and public for days on this.  Are they utterly innocent in this? Only time will tell.  Seems to me they were advised to get on the publicity bandwagon. People don’t generally think warm fuzzie bunnies and chickens when it comes to these supervisors do they?  I do applaud the Chief of Police for stating flat-out that they freaky vigilante justice has to stop.  No civilized person condones that kind of behavior so good for them.

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  1. Awe yes the cycle continues so I see. Just like HAPS whom I was told was “from the track” when indeed he was not, he was taken from a lay up facility and being in that “barn” I saw no office, no records were given , meaning shots, turnout, rehab of horse, teeth when had then been floated if they had been or farrier when was he last seen? Nothing BUT I did receive and I still have to file Xrays with no name of the horse nor Vet ~ So whose Xrays are these???
    They hide behind each other and spin a tale of lies and deceit while these animals suffer it would be awesome if Ms Basciano knew the front of a horse form the back but she can’t even halter a horse which is truly not hard at all. I knew HAPS had not been in turnout as he briskly went off in the swampy arena then blithely went down on both fronts ( OH yes he also had stitches in the left front leg) so nice and dirty wound that was to be I did not even see his medical records for his treatment i.e, wrapping, soaking , sliver cream how was it being treated and was the Vet to come back out ~~~Oh and the Vet I was instructed to “Text first”
    She did expound and with glee to my other half how she does this out of love and she does get 1k to $2500 per horse then of course her fees from purchase on top. But no records were ever shown to us ~

  2. Isn’t it against the law to transport across state lines without a health cert and coggins?

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  6. It is now the end of July and the battle continues. More and more people are stepping forward with horror stories and tales of woe at the hands of Jessica Basciano. Seems she owes so many people money she has to beg people she has screwed in the past to get any care for her newest herd, a bunch of ponies from auction. She used her friendship with someone on the police force to file false allegations agaisnt a family in Morgantown and soon criminal charges will be filed for that. Sheeder Mill Farm seems to be blissfully unaware of what goes on at the barn Jessica is renting. One can only hope Dori shows up unannounced one day and sees the over crowded fields.

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