the last crumbles of a home….

DSC_0149Something I have always found fascinating is how people can just leave a property literally to rot.  How does it go from home to uncared for shell of a former life?

What is the story of this place on Bacton Hill Road?



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  1. It’s true that we don’t see this sort of thing very often around here. After traveling around Ireland for a bit some years ago, I wondered why we don’t see *more* of this in the US. There were so many old-to-ancient ruins on roadsides there, and I thought many of them looked quite beautiful as nature reclaimed them. I think we don’t see more of it here because the land is so valuable, and people want to put something useful in place of the decomposing buildings. In some cases, I think the decomposing building would have looked better than what was built in its place.

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