the worm turns in horse rescue?

DSC_0004Is it true what they are saying on the Thoroughbred Breeders/Owners/Trainers Hall of Shame Facebook Page?

Has there been a cat fight over horses and has Barbara Luna from Turning for Home really removed all the rescued race horses she doled out to  Off the Track Thoroughbred Rescue? This all started on this page yesterday when people noted  horses were on the move.

Then I saw this earlier this morning:



Of course there is reported drama over who actually “quit” and who was “fired” and are you surprised? What is it they say about truth being optional for these people?

So what the what?  And if Barbara Luna and Turning for Home are moving horses does that mean all these people worried about all these horses for all this time were right?  And if Barbara Luna is moving horse around like pawns on a chessboard so they finally have their paperwork together?  And what does Barbara Luna and Turning for Home have to say about all of this?  After all Off the Track Thoroughbred Rescue never magically just clapped their hands and twitched their nose for horses to appear, right?  So what does Barbara Luna have to say for herself?  Does she track all the stipend money doled out along with the horses?

And where is LAPs on this?  You know the mythical Large Animal Protection Society?  Do they have a handle YET on horse rescue in Chester County or are they pretending that probelms with horse rescues in Chester County isn’t really like problems with puppy mills in Lancaster County?

trip d

And speaking of LAPS, can someone please explain to me this brand new horse rescue over in Oxford that popped up on Facebook and loves everyone but doesn’t take donations?  What rescue doesn’t need donations? For real? Are they on some unknown DuPont estate with a giant endowment running them or are they over maybe on the fan heiress’s farm?

trip d1

And here I thought Triple D was only Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.

This of course begs the question once more of how many horse rescues exist in Chester County and how are they regulated?  I ask because my horse friends tell me one sick horse coming into a barn can put the entire barn at risk.  Other animal rescues are regulated so how exactly do horse rescues get regulated?

Finally, someone sent me this photo.  They described it as “horse training” at a horse rescue? So are these kids even old enough to drive or vote that are handling this horse? Looks dangerous, but what do I know, right?

horse training

Horse rescue remains a great mystery of life to me.  I just wish anyone seemed to know what the rules and regulations were, right?

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  1. TFH isn’t continuing with her she is not getting any more horses from TFH. And the ones that were left at her farm in Glenmoore (and not already owned
    by a boarder) were repossessed by TFH.

    As for Triple D I would keep a watchful eye as this is on if I am not mistaken on Laskos and unfortunately has ties to basciano whether good or bad who knows.

  2. Jessica Basciano has been a dishonest con artist for years. This didnt start with horse ‘rescue’. Horse rescue was just another in a long line of scams she has pulled for her own benefit. Look her up. Its not a hard trail to follow.
    I became involved because she hurt my child. I stayed involved because she has and continues to endanger the lives of other peoples children. She got herself fired. All we did was shed light on her doings.

  3. I respect your rights to post whatever you please but please keep an open mind and if you know nothing about horses maybe not post about them. I will not disagree that there are “bad” rescues out there and I have been played by Jessica as well and I have two horses from her. There is no governing body on horse rescues. There is an overabundance of horses out there because of irresponsible back yard breeders and many of these horses end up at auction and bought by killbuyers. I operate a small farm and I “rescue” as many as I can and rehab, retrain, and resell (to approved homes). I do not accept donations, i am not non profit, and I do not officially call myself a rescue. But that is just what I do. My first priority is the health and well being of the horses I take in but secondly I need to eat, pay my mortgage, and care for my other animals. I rescue the horses when I am able because I want to help and I enjoy it. Not everyone needs donations and doesn’t over run themselves with more horses they can handle. I think an open mind should be kept with this new rescue until something comes up that needs to be addressed. Some people are fortunate enough not to need outside donations. And as far as them just popping up, I don’t understand that remark. How else do you get a rescue or business or any organization started?

    • Also as far as the dangerous picture. Horses are large, unpredictable animals. Anybody who engages activity with them is well aware of the many risks associated.

      • The underaged kids in that photo are not mature enough to make that choice. That is why they are legally children until the age of 18. Val Chambers mother had no idea what was going on with that horse and wasn’t happy about her child being put in such a dangerous situation even if her child thought it was the coolest thing on earth to be asked by Jessica Basciano to train that horse. You claim to have been ‘played’ by Jessica as well? Then why would you be opposed to someone suggesting people watch out for a bunch of girls who have sold horses without disclosure? Girls who do not have the independent means to take care of the horses they have boarded at Laskos farm. Have you been there? Have you spoken to Vivian Lasko? Are you aware of how many horses there actually are? If you look on my FB you’d swear I only own 2 horses. That would be false but, it certainly looks that way. TDF paints a pretty picture but, not everything you see is everything there is to see. You are not entirely correct, there are not ENOUGH regulations for horse rescues but, that is changing. We are currently working on a bill to require licensing, inspections and enforcement. Even a used car salesman has some restrictions…why should it be different for horse retailers?

    • Huh? I don’t own horses, so I shouldn’t write about funky animal rescues? And what if the “new” rescue was merely born out of part of the “old” rescue? You are rescuing horses privately because it is the right thing to do, and I applaud that. Thanks for visiting

      • It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure the people they are sending there kid to are properly doing so. I grew up spending weekends at the barn but my mother made sure I was with a responsible person who is making sure I am safe. There is too much of blaming the teacher because my child failed a test or everyone is a winner and gets a yellow ribbon in the science fair going on in this country these days. I am not saying everything Jessica has done is right but that cannot be held totally against her. And as far as the commenting about horse rescues if you don’t own horses? I am not saying you cannot do so, but I am saying maybe you should get into that world and understand it fully before you start spouting off specifics. Also you will never be able to regulate all horse rescues. Maybe the ones that are register 501. C3 but not all. For someone like me who does it privately you couldn’t regulate. Do you regulate all dog owners? For heavens sake go take a look inside Lehigh County Humane Society. I worked there in high school. Ask to go into their steaming hot, unventilated attic. I can tell you what you’ll find, 50 or so cats in tiny cages with upper respiratory infections and you will find several that succumbed to their illness daily. Who’s regulating them? All I am saying is maybe if you are so passionate about it you she learn a little more about it.

      • Yawn. I tried to be nice, but who sent you here? I doubt you just found this by accident. Every time a court date or something is pending for the owner of Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue this seems to happen and isn’t it odd? I would say that you by your own description of your “rescue” that I can’t take someone too seriously who says they want to have a horse rescue but then they say but it will be a money making business because you have to feed your husband. Rescues aren’t in it to make money, no matter what the animal, and someone who says they are in it for a profit center is akin to a used car salesman for animals, in this case horses.

        “First off I would like to state the rules of this page and my intentions as a “horse rescue”. It seems that when good people try to do good things for horses, that people are always jumping down their throat and getting in their business. There will be none of that on this page. I am starting this because I love horses and I have the skills, the knowledge, and the means to help them. In the same breath I needs to eat, pay my mortgage, and feed the animals I am helping. I am not and will never be a non profit. Before any sales happen I will be registered as an LLC ( I am in the long process of figuring all of that out now.). That being said this is a business, I will be pulling horses from auction and the track or any other situation unfit for a horse and will be rehabbing, retraining, and selling to good and qualified homes. Horses with limitations due to injury will be fully disclosed and only sold to homes that intend to use them properly. In order for me to continue to pull horses I need to be able to feed myself (and my husband, you know how that is) and pay for my property. So I want no criticizing about how much I ask for a horse or any other intrusive behavior. If you have questions you can pm me. We are hoping to be to pull horses this summer as it got delayed because I am back in school for nursing and Hurricane sandy screwed up our fencing. If you do not like the rules of this page you can leave. Starting this summer we will also be selling free range eggs and hopefully will be hatching some ducks and chicks for sale. We would like to be a full service small farm! Please keep checking back to see our progress and as soon as I get my phone working (or steal my hubbys) I will get some pictures posted! I’ve got a new personal horse coming on the 26th!”

        I am “out in the world” and know quite a bit about how animal rescues are supposed to work. Who and what I know is truly none of your concern, but suffice it to say I am not playing. As for horse rescues not being regulated, I doubt very much that will be forever. people are already looking at changing that. I don’t spout, but I do indeed do my homework. Thank you for commenting and have a pleasant weekend

      • First of yes, I have worked for her in the past, When I was in college 2 yrs ago before she was off the track thoroughbred rescue. My horse was sold to me “sound” only to have a torn suspensory. I kept myself in distant contact but on good terms with her as I do not like to burn bridges with anyone. I found your blog after she told me some fishy stories on why she was shutting down her rescue and why she needed to get rid of her filly that was born on her farm, that I helped deliver two yeas ago. She asked me to take the horse for free and I wanted to know the facts in order to protect myself from having the horse taken back as she seems to do. I run a business. I have a degree in Equine Science. I run a small farm that sells free range eggs and and baby chicks. When I have some extra money, yes I go to auctions and look for the horses that are selling for minuscule amounts of money that will be going to slaughter, purchase them, give them the TLC they deserve, and find them responsible and qualified homes. And yes if some of the horses turn out to be nice horses I ask for the amount of money they are worth. So yes I do consider myself “rescuing” these horses as if I had not taken them they would have ended up at a slaughter facility. But no I do not consider myself a rescue and do not ask for donations. And why don’t you quote my whole statement. I did not just say feed my husband ( he is perfectly capable of doing that himself. I was making a point that if I do not ask for money for these horses there is no way I could keep my property to do so or that feed them or to take more in. It seems as if everytime someone decides to do something nice fore horses people are jumping down their throat about where every penny comes from or goes or why they happen to ask for so much for a particular horse. For example I follow many rescues on facebook and a wonderful rescue like Frog Pond Draft Horse rescue get bashed all the time when they happened to ask for a couple grand for a nice, sound, horse because they are supposed to be a “rescue”. does everyone forget how many they gave away for free right before. I am not defending Jessica, remember I told you she played me. Your site is what came up when I googled her name trying to find out what is going on to protect myself and my horses. I live in NE PA and haven’t even been to her new facility. I was one of those college students who worked for her when she was with After the Races, and I left to move back home after college with the horse I got from her and never looked back. My point in all this is not to defend her, it is to tell make a point to you that if you do not have experience handling horses you cannot accurately form opinions on this matter. I appreciate your reporting on what is happening at her rescue because that tipped me off to have a bill of sale signed for this new horse i took.

    • May I call you Noahs Ark? just easier to type. 🙂 Are you not the same person who is currently fixing her property to open a RaceHorseAdoption at BlueViewFarm? If so, you have contriadicted yourself in this very forum. It is difficult to take seriously the many people who try to defend the indefensible when they can’t even be honest from one post to the next. I hope for the sake of your family you will reconsider your priorities. Caring for the animals is wonderful, but to put them frist above eating and your mortgage is slightly delusional.

      • I didn’t say I was putting them first, i said the opposite of that. Thank you. reread. Also that is MY property that as a 24 yr old I am very proud to own, Blue View Farm is mine, but as you will see I removed the Racehorseadoption from my FB paige in order to disassociate myself and also to allow myself to enter all aspects of farming ( which is my dream) . Yes I knew Jess but she has ABOSOLUTELY nothing to do with my BUSINESS or MY property. I cut ties with her 2 years ago when I started hearing all this stuff about what is going on. To protect the integrity of my business. So again please get your facts straight before reporting. You are more then welcome to come check my place out. 445 correll rd Kunkletown, PA 18058. It will be quite a while before I can rescue any horses because I still haven’t been able to afford a barn but you my scope out my three horses if it makes you feel more comfortable.

      • Ok wow, drama before coffee…makes me cranky . Listen my dear, who is “reporting” about you ? You opened the door by commenting up here and you were tracked back to your farm’s FB page. I am quite frankly tired of all this who-ha over horse rescue in Chester County. Horse rescue should be watched more closely and regulated. Period. People flipping horses for profit are not rescues and ask any legitimate rescue if they will turn down donations of any sort whether it be monetary, goods, services, or volunteer time and they will look at you as if you are nuts. OMG between you and that Jessica it’s like Skipper and Barbie open horse rescues.

      • I believe I said I was not calling it a rescue because I needed to eat and pay my mortgage carol so I could keep my property and continue. Shall I post that post from fb that you commented on? First off I would like to state the rules of this page and my intentions as a “horse rescue”. It seems that when good people try to do good things for horses, that people are always jumping down their throat and getting in their business. There will be none of that on this page. I am starting this because I love horses and I have the skills, the knowledge, and the means to help them. In the same breath I needs to eat, pay my mortgage, and feed the animals I am helping. I am not and will never be a non profit. Before any sales happen I will be registered as an LLC ( I am in the long process of figuring all of that out now.). That being said this is a business, I will be pulling horses from auction and the track or any other situation unfit for a horse and will be rehabbing, retraining, and selling to good and qualified homes. Horses with limitations due to injury will be fully disclosed and only sold to homes that intend to use them properly. In order for me to continue to pull horses I need to be able to feed myself (and my husband, you know how that is) and pay for my property. So I want no criticizing about how much I ask for a horse or any other intrusive behavior. If you have questions you can pm me. We are hoping to be to pull horses this summer as it got delayed because I am back in school for nursing and Hurricane sandy screwed up our fencing. If you do not like the rules of this page you can leave. Starting this summer we will also be selling free range eggs and hopefully will be hatching some ducks and chicks for sale. We would like to be a full service small farm! Please keep checking back to see our progress and as soon as I get my phone working (or steal my hubbys) I will get some pictures posted! I’ve got a new personal horse coming on the 26th! Posted on my page in March 17th.

      • Saying you are not calling it a rescue in one breath and saying you are going to rescue horses in nthe next breath is confusing. Might want to get that mission statement right. If you are going to run a business where you sell gently owned horses, ok fine, but don’t call that “rescuing” because it implies profit. If you are going into this for a profit, it is not a horse rescue. Pretty darn simple.

      • Sorry after rereading I misunderstood your post. I thought by her you were talking about Jessica. I do not put my animals before eating or my mortagage and never stated that. because If I have no property I have no animals.

      • Ummmm…..this is YOUR quote:

        ‘ My first priority is the health and well being of the horses I take in but secondly I need to eat, pay my mortgage, and care for my other animals’

        I get it..its all semantics anyway Im just making the point that I DO read and I DO pay attention to what is being said.

  4. as a horse owner I know my guy inside and out as it is a relationship built one of trust ~

    • Indeed Beth…..everyone seems to miss the point that the horse was a ‘rescue’ with an unknown temperament being trained by someones daughters while Jessica snapped pictures and laughed. People scream “SAVE THE HORSES” and whisper (‘…even if it means endangering the life of a person’).

  5. Just another horse flipper trying to say they are a rescue. A “business” for horse wheeling and dealing, but let’s put rescue in there so people with big hearts can get sucked in and hand over their hard earned money.

    If you really want to save a horse take a few in and keep them for the rest of their lives and leave the horse rescuing to real horse rescuers! Ones who actually check references and do monthly check-ups on the horses they’ve adopted out. Ones who actually know how to evaluate a horse and not just tell prospective adopters what you think they want to hear. Ones who will take the horse back, no matter what! I am so sick of these so called “horse rescuers”. Most of them probably couldn’t rescue themselves out of a brown paper sack, let alone actually rescue a horse!

    • Actually Lisa I have three that I have done just that. I have one from Jess’s rescue, one from New Holland, and one from her because she was shutting down and I didn’t want to see it “go missing”. I also have 2 goat kids from new holland. I’m sorry I want to help more but don’t want 20 horses. I take one horse at a time and keep it for however long it takes for rehab and retrain to make it safe to ensure it does not end up back at auction. I also do not take money from anyone. Hence the reason I don’t yet have a barn or a ring or all of my property fenced. Or how about why my round pen thats on layaway still isnt paid off. I am more qualified then many to operate a horse business or rescue or whatever you want to call it. I have a degree in Equine Science from a very prestigious program.

      • Then is you are so qualified to operate a rescue, operate a rescue. Or operate a business. But they both have different objectives. If you have the knowledge and skills to operate a business properly, that is fine. But if it is to be a business, don’t call it a rescue!

  6. It really does get a bit repetitive after a while. Jessica Troxell Basciano is the legal adult renting the property from Sheeder Mills. As such she is 100% legally responsible for what transpires there. For the cost of a bottle of booze and a OTTB, Jessica has assembled a group of disadvantaged girls to do her bidding. The ones whose parents are looking out for them are no longer there. When Taylor Larney and Val Chambers stood in front of Tuxedo to ‘train’ him, any responsible person would have told them how dumb and dangerous that was. Jessica took pictures. Ask them what they were paid to risk their lives for her pictures? I have heard so often that there are 2 sides to this story and I disagree. Jessica has 17 sides. I saw 16 of them in court. She lies, she cries, she manipulates and she acts like a petulant child but at the end of the day it doesn’t change the facts. Shes an immature middleaged woman trying to be something shes not and she isn’t above doing whatever it takes, no matter how morally corrupt to make herself look like a victim. She isn’t. Christina Hannan and Heather Walker arn’t either. They all read from the same script…..”I just do it for the horses! Why is everyone picking on me? Why can’t good people get a break”….I say because GOOD people don’t lie for profit without regard to others. If you think telling the truth consitutes slander….sue me. 😉

    • I completely agree with you as she has lied to me for years. But that Taylor Larney was working for her as recent as 3 weeks ago when she trailored that filly up to me with Jess’s mountaineer. So where is her mother?

  7. I’ve been following this blog for months as others are in my barn. I find it interesting that the only ones speaking up for jessica are fellow “rescuers”. How is a parent to an up and coming young rider to know if a trainer/barn is legit if people like Noahs Ark don’t speak up when they are “played”? Chester County is riddled with so called rescues just like Lancaster County is with puppy mills. I can understand Noahs Ark not wanting people to target all rescues but how is one to distiguish the bad from the good if the ones scammed aren’t supported when they speak up? I have a few questions for Noah’s Ark:

    1. have you read the blog about the horse from jessica/christina transported to oklahoma in horrible shape with no paperwork?
    2. have you read the blog about the horse sold with screws in his legs yet the adoptee was told it was a bone chip?
    3. have you read the muliple blogs about jessica being evicted from several barns?
    4. have you read the blogs about employees not being paid?
    5. have you read the blogs where she stated herself she received money from TFH to care for these horses yet there are multiple statements disputing that?
    6. have you read the blog where someone went to adopt yet was lied to about vet papers?
    7. have you read the blog she states herself that she has over 50 horses and has adopted out over 100 in that last year or so?
    8. have you read the blog where the oxford crew admitted she had deceived them as well?
    9. and finally, have you read the blog about the handicapped child being scammed?

    If you haven’t read these, how can you state to the blogger that she needs to do her homework before writing when you clearly didn’t?

    If you have read them and have been “played” by Jessica yourself then don’t you have a moral obligation to help right the wrong to keep others from being the next victim? If you read the blog about the handicapped child and still felt the need to post as you did, then that sums up exactly what type of person you are. Ethically and morally these people have a right to speak the truth and make her own up to her obligations. These people did nothing wrong except fall the “rescue” scam. I would suggest the good rescues to start speaking up before no one looks their way just as it is happening to puppy mills. Shame on anyone who looks the other way when they know firsthand what she is capable of!

    • I have read some of them and the reason I have waited until now to post is because I was trying to stay on good terms and get that filly she was giving away in order to ensure its safety.

  8. I am not trying to be drama I was simply making an statement originally and then I was attacked and I will defend myself to the end. I and much more then Barbie opening a rescue and don’t appreciate the stereotype. P.S I have had my coffee hours ago and fed my animals. Again thank you for posting what you have in the past it has woken me up to what she has really done and in turn you saved a life. The life of the filly I took from her three weeks ago. Right after the pony went missing and right before the very mother of the filly tragically injured her hock in a field “accident”. Then miraculously recover the next day and then magically get put down the day after that. So to that I thank you. If anyone else has a question about what I do they can post it on my page. Thank you!

    • OMG girl. Who attacked you? You rolled up, commented, people commented back. People are very upset about some of these horse “rescues” and you should be able to understand that. As for you having been up for hours and fed your animals and had your coffee, that is fabulous. I have been up since 4 a.m. due to night sweats and hot flashes from a breast cancer drug called tamoxifen. Are you going to tell me you have experience with that to?

      And if you are truly astute, you would get that if you are in it for making money, it is a business. If you are in it for the love of the animal and getting it happy and whole and everything else is secondary, it’s a rescue. If you are a well run business with happy animals, that’s cool. Just decide what is what because the business of resuce is different than just the business of business.

      As for the whole thing about the filly, missing pony, and horse that ended up dead, if you got one out and she is happy and o.k., for that I say thank you.

      • It is a business. I never stated otherwise especially not on my fb page. I will be a business and am in the process of forming an LLC. But through my business I will be pulling racehorse like standardbreds from places like New Holland. Horses that have injuries and would otherwise be going to slaughter. I won’t be pulling the horse that have a good chance of finding a private home. They will be rehabbed at my place for as long as they need, retrained and found a suitable home priced on their abilities. This isn’t a quick flip business and good home will be a must. Thats all I am trying to get across as farm as rescue. I want to run it as a business but I am doing it for the love of the animals as well. Why can’t they go together? I work a regular 9-5 job, this isn’t my sole income so while I don’t need to make a million off it, I would like to use any profit to improve facility and pull more horses. Maybe I mispoke by using the term rescue and I removed that term from my page several months ago.

      • I’m sorry to hear about the cancer. I truly wish you well. My uncle has had luekemia since he was in his early 20s. Thankfully he has been in remission for 10 yrs. I wish the same for you!

  9. Noahs Ark, that’s great that you were able to get one of the horses away from her! However, I fully understand the frustration from Carol, Lisa and everyone else who has stood up and spoke up to prevent this from happening to others. They need the support from the public, not the slap on the wrist for not being good parents by not realizing who they were getting involved with. I would love to see a timeline of the past couple of years because I believe just from reading this blog that it would show a clear pattern of deceit and misuse of power under the name of rescue. It appears these families have been fighting this issue for well over a year so I think you can understand or at least have a little empathy with them for them being upset when someone states “buyer beware”. I’m sure Carol or anyone else directly involved would love to talk to you personally if for nothing else to know how and what horses still remain in her care and how they are doing.

  10. I worked with her when she was with bonnie hutton and they were called after the races. I worked at a store called Horsatack and thats where I met her. She was very nice and charming and as a college student I went along and wanted to help with the horses. I volunteered there for a few months and bought a horse off of her that was sold sound but came up lame walking down hill. Had him xrayed and ultrasounded and found out bad suspensory. I moved him home to the poconos shortly after and had him on 6 months stall rest. He has been fine since. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time because I just figured someone missed it. I received no paperwork with him either. Then We all took a trip to New Holland where she purchased a 3yo quarab mare that she shipped home with me to train. My husband fell in love with the mare and we kept her. Then about a year ago she started telling me people were attacking her for no reason blah blah. Didn’t buy it but didn’t know the truth since I was uninvolved with the rescue. Didn’t matter too much to me since I wasnt around. Then I started recommending people around my are look to her for horses. Then find out the few people who got horses from her find out they werent what they thought they were getting. Then Jess asks me to take this filly I delivered 2 yrs before. How can I turn that down but by that time I had found this blog after googling her name to see what was going on. So again I thank you for posting what you did in previous posts but I could not post earlier because I wanted to ensure I got the filly safely. Yes the filly’s mother was euthanized. Her name was ellie and she has a post about it on her fb page. She told me what happened to her hock and that she had to be euthanized, then the next day called me to say the mare was doing better, swelling went away and would not need to be euthanized, then i see the post the next day and it says she had been euthanized. Seems fishy to me. She had one rescue horse left named Haps but my friend by me adopted him as someone who doesn’t know me. Jess told her horse was sound but She told me 2 days before the horse could only do very light riding because of a Sesamoid Fracture. That is the extent of what I know and my history with her. Hope it helps

    • That is what pissed me off the most. I recommended her to people and I am trying to be a horse professional in my area. That makes me look very badly. Since i got the filly I have cut all ties.

      • I know that Filly very well, they did near nothing with her, I don’t even think she had been properly weened, she’s been with her mother practically the whole time. I myself had a horse from there, a lot of dirty things happened with me too.

    • your friend should contact one of the others involved because i believe there is a whole lot more to the Haps story which could be very helpful to his well being. When is the next hearing date against Jessica or TFH? We should all share this to our horse friends and rally support at the hearings…

      • I will do so! She is desperate for info. He is at a barn with Ocean Cracker (also recently adopted from there) here in Jim Thorpe area. Not sure about court dates.

      • Any ideas on who I should contact?

      • She can contact me I have the entire history on Haps. Do you have any idea what happened to Mula? or Milestone?

      • No the only ones I know of are Haps and bolt. I have bigmikiem from 2 yrs ago, and I just got Duchess the baby.

  11. interesting about the mare ellie you refer to… was she injured in her care or and adoptees care?

    • I am not sure what the whole story on it is. Jess never told me she rehomed her. The when the injury happened she said she adopted her out a few days before.

  12. are your friends willing to step up and state their issues? If they read this blog, it helps to clear your name and for people to know that you are trying to do what’s right for the horses and the people involved. Isn’t christina involved with that new rescue out of oxford and states off the record that she had issues with jessica? As an outsider looking in, one can only assume her priorities are out of wack if she doesn’t speak up especially with having clients out there without paperwork because of her working for jessica. How can she expect to have a good reputation and build a business if she ignores her responsibilities associated with Jessica. Same for that organization that starts the ball rolling with these horses- Turning for Home or Barbara Tuna (whatever her name is without referring back to prior blogs).

  13. I have been embattled with Jessica Basciano for over two years. During that time I have been in contact with a vet that she didn’t pay, a hay dealer that wasnt paid, 2 barn owners who have evicted her due to non payment, 1 barn owner who felt Jessica stole hay from her barn, 6 people who have bought lame horses from her, a person who sued her for embezzelment and of course the Oxford girls who claim to have been victimized as well. (When Jess left them horses to sale she didn’t bother telling them that Barb Luna had already paid her a stipen for the horses) All of these people have said the same thing in one way or another: I won’t come forward because I dont want to upset anyone…..burn any bridges, theres a gag order. I say how dare you stay silent. It sickens me to think that people are more concerned with burning a bridge with a known theif and con artist than they are with making sure no one else is taken advantage of. I have heard many times that Jessica has children we should think about…..and I agree however, never forget that Jessica has never once tried to protect any other child. As a matter of fact, we have pictures of children holding the booze Jessica gave them. We have pictures of children ‘training’ a horse without helmets or adult supervision. We have pictures of children driving home with a horse in the back of a mini van. We have video of Jessica laughing when a child was thrown from a horse they were ‘training’ and came within inches of slamming their head into a tree. And we know she sold a handicapped child a horse that was fresh off the track and had not been rehabbed. She is either insane or simply doesnt give a damn. Well, I DO give a damn and it’s not about drama it’s about doing the right thing and not staying silent.

    • I didn’t say I am still going to be silent. The only reason I didn’t come forward before is because I wanted to get that filly away from that place. She is a beautiful filly and deserves a chance. She is beginning professional training May 1st which I am very excited for. We are going for reining as she is a roan appendix. I will help in anyway I can although I haven’t physically been around her much in the last two years.

  14. i’ve been following this as well since a few months back when i inquired about bolt. I see someone posted they knew about him. They also posted that their friends had adopted and didn’t get what they thought; did this apply to bolt? I suspected something wasn’t right or didn’t seem professional so i didn’t do anything but inquire but was hoping to hear what happened to him. Haps was for sale when I was looking at Bolt but was injured-something about his knee. Since this whole set up with Jessica has been so “loose”, I’m still suspicious of the main company (Barbara). Seems if she was putting out the trash then why not clean up around the bin as well?

    • Bolt is well but, as an older women my friend was looking for a horse with some training. He was sold to her as a horse with extensive training which he is definitely not according to her. But both him and Haps are well.

  15. This all started for me, in August of 2011. Since then I have been very vocal and very public about every thing I have said. I have not hidden behind a ficticious name. I have not filed false police reports. I have not slandered anyone. I have told the truth. PERIOD.

    Since I know you read this I hope you will hear me loud and clear this time. I am not going to entertain your friends. I will not be ‘tricked’ into saying something you can use agaisnt me. I will continue to tell the truth. Its so much easier.

    For you, it is over Jessica Troxell Basciano. Perhaps it is time to sit back and do some soul searching. Figure out how it all went so wrong. Maybe the problem lies within you and not with your ‘enemies’. You spend so much time trying to cut corners and assuming the rest of the world is stupid, you have lost focus on what really matters. You have children and a husband that will be impacted by your actions. Instead of stirring the internet pot with your trailer trash friends, why not get a job to pay for the judgements agaisnt you? You were given a free pass with the Walks. Trust me, that will never happen with the rest of us. You had a shot at redemption. That has been used up. Now you pay for your actions and you move on and hopefully your focus will be on raising those beautiful girls to be what you could not be, honest productive members of society.

  16. This makes me so mad. I myself have had a VERY tiring time after having SEVERAL issues with this so called rescue and my own horse. I’m scared to state too much info, I do not want to be attacked by anyone.

    • Please tell your story. Just be truthful about what happened to you! Many of us have come forth and told ours, even while under attack, but what we have told is the truth and we stick by what we have said. If you are attacked there are people here who will stand by you, as long as you tell the truth!

      • I bought a horse from there. all of the sudden, my horse was gone one day. They randomly decided to pick my horse up and put up new for sale ads. The funny thing is, The papers they sent me hadn’t been fully filled out and i did not recieve ALL of the papers.

      • but that’s only half of it.

    • I havnt ever felt ‘attacked’. Have some young girls tried to tell me how the world works…well yeah but…what eles would one expect from teenagers?

      At the end of the day you have to decide what is right for you. My morals wont allow me to sit back and watch this fraud be played out over and over again so I remain diligent. Several people have come forward behind the scenes. If youd like to share your story…feel free. If youd like to share you name and # with me, I will be more than happy to pass it on to the investigators. Perhaps youd feel more comfortable speaking with them. My email is and has been for the past 12 years

  17. What happens to those horses adopted directly from OTRBR? if jessica basciano’s rescue is shut down, will those adoption contracts be void? who will ownership be transferred to?

    • Just to clear things up a little. Jessica Troxell Basciano didnt own the horses…or the barn they were at nor was she or is she a rescue or a 501c charity. She rented a barn and pastures. She then agreed to home injured OTTBs and resell them fro Turning For Home and Barb Luna. She was paid nicely to do this service for Turning For home. Her ‘adoption’ papers are fruadulent and not worth the paper they are written on. If you have an OTTB from her you have two choices: 1. Leave it alone. The track doesnt want your horse back…they know it has issues. or 2. Call Barb Luna at Turning For Home and ask her for legitimate paperwork on your horse. She hasn’t been forthcoming with anyone we have talked too concerning vet records, health certs or adoption papers but maybe you will get lucky. 🙂

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