Last September 11th I was up in a hot air balloon shaped like a flag floating over Chester County.  This September 11th I spent all day in a court house.

Almost two hours ago the jury came back. Sorry for not posting sooner, but I wanted to sit and think a while.  It has been a long time since February.

It was a long afternoon as we waited in the District Attorney’s Offices – which were a real kick to see! I have to say the Chester County District Attorney’s Office personnel were pretty darn amazing.  They did not have to go out of their way to make us comfortable and they did.  They allowed us to wait in a small conference room instead of just hanging in the hall all afternoon.  On a brutally hot day with my friend Amy in a full boot cast, this was particularly nice. I met some really amazing people and even one of the working dogs handled by the Chester County Sheriff’s Department.

Anyway…..the verdict?

Guilty.  Gabriel Pilotti wanted to be judged by a jury of his peers, and he was.  And he was found guilty.  Truthfully I think his defense team looked a bit surprised.

Case CP15 -CR-00010992013

Count 1  Cruelty to Animals (Argus) – Guilty

Count 2 Cruelty to Animals (Fiona) – Guilty

Sentencing is October 28th at 9 a.m. in front of Judge Ronald C. Nagle.

Assistant District Attorney Kevin Pierce really brought his A game to the closing.  I could go into the back and forth nitty-gritty of the closing, but why? The verdict is what it is. I also understand that Mr. Pilotti will probably lose his weapon now? That is what I was told on my way out this evening.

Today justice was done for Argus and Fiona.  To me this was also a big win in general for Pennsylvania’s dogs. A win for the dogs is much overdue.

I also want to thank Bud Haly who is on the board of the Chester County SPCA for stepping up and coming to court today.  That gives me hope for that organization.  Some people who are affiliated with the CCSPCA were mighty pissy that I even articulated someone should be there. Guess what? I wasn’t wrong and he said simply that he couldn’t NOT be there. So I am glad one board member did the right thing.

I also want to thank West Vincent Chief of Police Michael Swininger and Officer Austin Russell. They were there with us, and as critical as I can be about West Vincent Township, these two gentlemen are stand up guys. And many thanks to the media who devoted time for this, especially print media. We all know they are stretched thin.

We were all very emotional when the verdict was read.  Bill Bock just stood there for a moment not moving with tears in his eyes.  That right there made all the crap we took for believing in Justice for Argus and Fiona worth it.  This family can have peace and closure.

Run free over the Rainbow Bridge Argus and Fiona. You have your justice, sweet pups.

Chester County man guilty in death of dogs
 Mari A. Schaefer, Inquirer Staff Writer Last updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 5:46 PM      

Daily Local Breaking News: Jury finds man who shot dogs guilty

And some have asked if Pilotti can appeal. Well he can but whether or not he would get much traction? I simply don’t know.  My guess would be not really.



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  1. One of my FB friends shared this on their wall. As pet owners and owners of a Chester County pet care business, I was very happy to see the guilty verdict today. Regardless of how you feel about pets, there was absolutely nothing in the dogs’ behavior that warranted their fate. Thank you for the well written article!

  2. This is great news!! Hopefully it will be a decent sentance and not some piddly slap on the wrist parole nonsense. The laws in this country (that boasts to be the greatest country in the world), that protect animals ate deplorable. We need stronger animal advocates in our congress to stop the cruelty and bring these scumbags to justice. Senator Dinnman has done quite a lot for animals in Pennsylvania. We need more like him.

  3. I am so thankful that this evil person responsible for Cruelty to Argus and Fiona was found guilty. I hope this evil person gets more than the maximum penalty.

  4. The only reason the dogs died was because of the lack of care the dog owners showed. Maybe if u took better care in you’re fencing they wouldn’t have gotten out. Hmm.. Hopefully ya:ll learned a lesson

    • Dear Jessica ( if that is your name?),
      I thought everyone who reads your comment should be able to contact you directly. I also felt that they should have your IP address to see where you come from.

      Obviously you are somehow related to Mr. Pilotti. I am sorry you did not like the end result of being judged by jury of his peers, but for you to leave such a vile comment shows you to be quite a low life form. It never came up in court, but is it true that once upon a time he had a dog that didn’t exactly stay on his property?

      Dogs get out all the time. Is it right? No, but it happens. But the thing is this: people just can’t go around shooting dogs. Those dogs were puppies, and no sheep were hurt, they were just shot workday? Do you have a perfect and pristine life above reproach? Just curious.

      More information about Jessica weed


  5. Thanks, glad to stop in. In seriousness I doubt that they’re one and the same…but a bit of fun. I’ve enjoyed your take on this and I can’t understand why this person (“Ms. Weed” and her ilk) can’t seem to understand that the responsibility in any incident like this begins and ends with the person who pulls the trigger. Even in a clearly self-defense mano-a-mano shooting the shooter will have to account for his/her actions, possibly be taken into custody, surrender the firearm to police, and possibly have to engage expensive legal counsel. In this case, Mr. Pilotti was his own worst enemy: For recklessly killing the dogs without a proper understanding of the law, for bragging about it to his neighbor, and for not engaging legal counsel immediately and taking advantage of his right to representation and right to remain silent immediately. He’s an arrogant idiot who got what he deserved. And to his idiot supporters i can only say, no you can’t run around shooting up the countryside because of a perceived threat. The law is more subtle and nuanced than that. But I doubt any of them get farther than that clause of the 2nd Amendment they hold so dear. Makes it hard for those of us who are responsible gun owners as well as responsible pet owners.

  6. Wow.. U call us all ‘idiot’s ‘ and also everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not everyone agrees with the bocks. They’re is always to sides to every story. Ya’ll are being cocky. Well I’m not gonna waist my time on this anymore . bye

    • The thing is this Jessica weeds, this is my blog. Not yours. So while you might be entitled to your opinion as vile as it might be, is at my pleasure and my pleasure alone if I post any comment that anyone writes.

      You have no “rights” here other than what you are allowed. I am also many things but cocky isn’t one of them.

      Incidentally you seem to have some repetitive spelling and grammar issues.

      And incidentally do you know that my blog is read by some in law enforcement ? It is.

      The funny thing about what you said in defense of Pilotti is have you ever talked to old timers in West Vincent about when he had dogs which used to roam around ? Very interesting indeed.

      • I wasn’t exactly expecting a witty riposte, but that was just too good to take a pass on…

      • Because I differ from your opinion??? That’s what makes the world great. So what if we have different opinions. You delete my posts??? Come now. I’ve blogged for years and have never been deleted………….

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