judgement day


Gabriel Pilotti has faced his punishment on his animal cruelty conviction.

Judge Nagle a short while ago gave Pilotti 2 years probation, 90 days on a monitor, restitution $800 per dog, $1000 fine, no guns , 200 hrs community service.

I have thought about this long and hard, and a component of true justice is mercy. Did he show mercy to those dogs?

The answer of course is a resounding NO.

But given his age, although he may have deserved some jail time, I have to leave this to the experts, namely Judge Nagle and the Chester County District Attorney’s Office.

The greater punishment in my eyes is he has been branded by the courts and a jury of his peers as a dog murderer. He loses his guns too.

He is in a permanent jail of sorts the rest of his days because he has to live in a community that does not respect what he did.

So he can go to church and his born-again Christian glory all he wants, he is in the eyes of the public something else entirely.

His supporters have already begun to leave comments up here, and they’re calling this a victory. I am not sure exactly what it is they have won, and they should in all honesty consider it in reality more of phyrric victory.

Justice has been served, and Argus and Fiona did not die in vain.

That is all I have to say for now.


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  1. I was waiting for this blog….

    Thanks, Sam

    this is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy.


  2. But given his age, although he may have deserved some jail time, I have to leave this to the experts, namely Judge Nagle and the Chester County District Attorney’s Office.

    True. Agreed. He was found guilty by his peers and then the Judge sentenced him. That is our judicial system whether you agree with it or not.

    I wouldn’t say anyone won in this case however you believe. But, bringing up his christianity has nothing to do with anything. I hope to see him in church some day.

      • Ok. He did bring it up in his defense, but stating in all of his christian glory….. Christians never claim to be perfect. He is a God fearing man. That has nothing to do with what he did.

        Well, I hope we can all move on and go forward. The sentence was handed down.

    • It is not your right to post comments here. That’s number one. Number two, you have crossed into comments that appear to be harassing and threatening. You are out of control, and you have sent close to a dozen comments in under two hours. Your name & your IP address and your email are all being forwarded to the authorities. And if you think they can’t find you you are sillier than I thought you were

  3. I do believe the family does have a right to comment on this especially since its there grandfather, plus your thoughts are the ones that are out of control but that’s just my opinion and your comment at the end of your statement above what his family members have won well they won the ability to see there grandfather when ever they want and be able to call him and not have to go through a prison to do so so thats how they won oh and if this is threating to you I’m sorry well I think but anyway bye

    • John ,

      The authorities are indeed monitoring comments, and no, unfortunately in spite of what you think, no one has a right to post anything. This site is seen by the public, but it not a public owned site.

      The court showed Pilotti the mercy he never showed two defenseless puppies and their family. That is not a win for your relative, it’s the court system. And if he doesn’t follow everything he is supposed to do to the last little detail, the court system will act again.

      As for the rest of it, my thoughts are hardly out of control, nor do I have to justify anything.

      You all who are obviously his family have serious issues with basic write and spelling and grammar which is fascinating.

      You and your family members need to stop bothering people now.

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