love vintage ornaments ?


….. Then you will want to hit the Smithfield barn this weekend while they still have them. This is part of what I acquired today.

I also scored two vintage artificial tabletop trees, also known as feather trees. The “feathers” are artificial which puts them on the newer side of vintage, but I do not care as they are the exact dimensions I need for a Christmas Day tablescape!

I love decorating for Christmas, although you will not find me decorating now as that’s a little too American big box retailer for me.

I have been collecting vintage ornaments since before Martha Stewart made it cool. And why I like finding the ornaments at places like the Smithfield Barn is the prices are modest, and that way I can afford to have a beautiful looking house for the holidays. And I think vintage Christmas ornaments make everything more beautiful!

Anyway if you like vintage ornaments, and fun holiday decorating, you’re going to want to see what Kristin has out at the barn, the Smithfield barn in Downingtown. PA. Check out their Facebook page for hours of operation this weekend and their address.

Also tomorrow is the second day of AngelFest at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Route 30 in Exton!

2 thoughts on “love vintage ornaments ?

  1. I love vintage glass tree ornaments as well. They take me back to my childhood. I have many fantastic tree ornaments, but I truly treasure my vintage ornaments from way back when life was simple.

    • Isn’t that the truth! My mother has given me some of the ornaments from the family trees my father put up his whole life….I can’t believe he will be gone 8 years in a few days. Anyway in my mind’s eye I can see him placing each ornament on our tree

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