did we just wake up in nome, alaska?


In the weather department, file under crazy snow.

Did we just wake up in Nome, Alaska?

Or are we reenacting the winter of 1880-1881 in South Dakota that was made famous in the Laura Ingalls Wilder book The Long Winter?

(And it is still snowing!)

People keep comparing winters as to which was worse and well I am counting days on the calendar until it is spring.

I love my Chester County existence but I have to say I am really sick of this winter’s weather. Ok Mother Nature, we know who is boss already.

The snow is not only still accumulating but there are winter winds blowing it sideways.

My garden is whited out and all I see in a couple of places are the tippy top of things in the garden beds buried by snow. I hope my rose bushes and other shrubs and plants make it.

Ok enough restating the obvious which is that it is snowing and I think we have all had enough and we aren’t quite half way through February.

I have watched the entire PBS Masterpiece Poldark series since the power came on and today I begin the four seasons of Downton Abbey.

I hate to be a weather baby, but come on spring!

Does this count as Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse or Snowzilla?

Special note to the weather people: stop naming snow storms. What is this one’s name? Pax? So dumb. You name hurricanes not snow storms, ice storms and blizzards.

Stay warm and safe folks. The weather cranky is now over and out and in search of coffee.