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I have come across some more fun vintage linens in my travels recently , so I have been laundering them and putting them away.

Recently I have found some terrific vintage pillowcases and linen hand and kitchen towels.

The linen kitchen towels of yesteryear are of a better quality than what you find today, and they clean up very nicely for the most part. Plus they add a twist of fun vintage kitsch to your kitchen!

Pillowcases might seem like an odd thing to hunt for, but some of them I have found a very beautiful. Hand embroidered, handmade of linen, funky floral patterns from the 60s and 70s by Vera. I am not a patterned sheet person, so I use solid colored sheets, which means I can mix it up and create a fun and funky bed scape with vintage pillowcases. And since I like to use vintage quilts and bed spreads, it really makes a nice look.

I will also apply my mixing it up to my tables when I’m setting the table for dinner. Just because you’re having company doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up – and often I do using different fun napkins with a more traditional tablecloth. I will also mix the plates up. Everything does not have to match exactly to get along. I will use colored goblets instead of clear glasses, and things like that.

You can pick up all these vintage items in any number of places: barn picking, flea markets, church rummage sales, consignment and thrift shops. And the things I pick up aren’t necessarily “shabby chic”, they are in fact in excellent condition.

Back to the linens. I use this linen wash stuff called “Restoration”. I discovered it after going on a hunt for something to clean vintage and antique linens because you aren’t left with a lot of options as far as these washes go on the shelves of your local grocery store. Restoration is a little pricey but a little goes a long way. I also use it on my vintage quilts.

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  1. Hi I am Bob H’s other half!!  Loved your blog about mean people and how they have to take it out on someone else for their own unhappiness.  (Like so many parents do).  Bless you for being above it all…as it has been experienced, visualize mirrors around you, particularly the abdomen area, (emotional chakra) and let it bounce back to the sender. You mentioned in this blog about linens and how to clean.   Thanks.   I always make up a solution of Borax, Dishwasher detergent, and a hint of Clorox if fabric is sturdy…heavy linens.  This stuff sounds too good to be true.

    I am a partner in  in Narberth…unfortunately not Chester Co but we are SO CLOSE.  Many of our customers are from CCo.and I am….W Chester, Malvern, Paoli, and now Exton,  with the kids going to Great Valley in the 80’s.

    We also do the Clover Market in Ardmore once a month on Sundays. This Sunday is the LAST one until Sept.   Our shop hours are slowing down too, as everyone goes to the shore or North. If you are so inclined, visit us this Sunday.    …..both have FB pages too.  My daugther, Allison will have a booth…lots of linens, jewelry, mirrors, food…antiques from other vendors.

    P.S.  We are a small shop and spill over….always looking for a new location in CCo…in your Ramblings, let us know if you stumble onto something.  i.e.  a big garage, small barn. !!  Ha Ha….I know the stories, been there and read yours too.   We do events, book signings included. Sincerely Jeanne Marston

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