9 thoughts on “who knows about these little cottages?

  1. Can’t wait to find out too. They have fascinated me for years

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    • Ok someone wrote to me and said;

      “It’s an old motor court, from before the turnpike pulled all of the east-west traffic from Lancaster Pike. I haven’t seen one around here for fifteen years or so. They’re like the roadside motor cottages in It Happened One Night with Claudette Colbert and Cary Grant.”

      Someone else wrote:

      “There also used to be a newsstand around there, called Ichabod’s. The old tavern building that was right on Lancaster Ave. has been renovated and now looks like it is offices.”

      If you drive by and can look (depends on traffic), you can see one cottage looks like it was restored – it would be a cool place if restored for a collective of small shops for things like crafts and collectibles and what not

  2. I remember Ichabod’s in the 80’s. My real-estate friend does not know either. Also, the houses on Sweedsford Rd across from the corporate road light and Ship.going West. The red brick house looks so well made. a shame to just sit and deteriorate. .

  3. Somebody once told me that these were built back in the 50’s or 60’s as a little drive in motel.

  4. The Malvern Meeting House had cabins as well. Also, some were behind “Jack’s Pizza” that just changed names.

  5. Hello , checking in again – just wondering does anyone know what the environmental hazard was that caused Malvern Meeting House to be left to fall into ruin?

    • No clue as it was abandoned and in disrepair with a sale sign on the property when I moved out here. Last I had heard – and that was because of something I think in the paper was that East Whiteland was trying to condemn the property so they could raze the ramshackle building- apparently homeless people were living in it for a while. I don’t know that it was something environmental that caused that business to close I thought it was just pretty much run into the ground

    • Okay some people in Malvern tell me that a developer bought this from the original family owners in the early 2000s. Apparently and allegedly there may have been an environmental issue from a radiator shop which used to be in the back of the property is what I am told. There was an article in the Daily Local in late January about this. I am further told they were supposed to be a small strip mall there, but it never happened. It wouldn’t surprise me as there is a lot of tainted land like that up and down route 30 around here that needs to be cleaned up

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