people should garden more


People should garden more. A lot of my friends garden in addition to myself, but today we are the exception rather than the rule. (And yes I know I am garden obsessed.)


People either don’t make the time, or are happy with what the developer regurgitated and called landscaping. Or they have someone do their “gardening” for them. They miss all the pleasure having a garden and actually getting your hands dirty brings.

Television shows on HGTV show all instant outdoor “rooms” with lots of hardscaping and a fire pit. They no longer actually show you how to create and maintain a garden with plants other than from the home improvement store chains.


People who don’t garden miss so much. They miss seeing a daylily become a sport of itself and give you a more exotic double ruffled version of itself.

They miss actual bees lingering in the bee balm before they check out the lavender. They miss the morning and evening songs of the birds who live in and around the garden and the pleasure of watching a rose flower for the first time and how an old fashioned favorite like lisianthus never fails to disappoint.


When you garden you smile at the everyday happy composure of the average garden daisy, and how wonderful the perfume of scented geraniums and lavender are together.

An Irish friend of mine told me last week that my garden reminded her of Irish cottage gardens. I can think of no greater compliment.

Gardening is good for what ails you if not anything else. Gardening just makes you happy ! Not mowing the lawn to exacting precision, but actual get dirt on your hands, digging in the dirt gardening.

People should garden more. And supporting your local and independent nursery and garden center also benefits your local economy.

So why not garden more?


3 thoughts on “people should garden more

  1. Your comment about HTTV (and DIY network) struck home….they cover the yard in hardscape, pavers, walls, firepits, kitchens, where is the green space to relax? Many of the shows are in California, these paved back yards must be incredibly HOT! And firepits on tiny lots—-where does the smoke go? right into the neighbors yard or house. A beautiful garden, even it a bit ragged at the edges speaks to your soul….

  2. You’re right, it’s very cathartic. Its mid winter here in australia so not much happening in our garden at the moment.
    Ask me how much I like gardening at the end of summer though when I’ve got 500 agapanthus to dead-head! Huge job!

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