after the fire


I was sent these photos today.

Earlier this week there was a horrible fire in West Vincent on Buttonwood Lane.

It’s truly a miracle no one was killed.

However, have to ask if this home being located near the end of a small road or lane that was originally built as a private cul-de-sac, and later adopted by West Vincent as a public road, did the narrow cartway and 10 ton bridge hamper efforts of emergency responders? Were fire trucks even able to go over the bridge?


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      • The article shows a tower truck shooting water down at the house. Trucks got over the bridge.

      • Well but… Received another comment:

        “As to the fire story, I see you had a comment. To clarify, Pumpers laid in several lines from Hollow road, and accessed the scene. At least 2 aerial apparatus also accesed the burning structure but were of little value due to lack of water. (note the picture that depicts a fireman “pissing” from the ladder). That ladder has a 2000 GPM deluge nozzle on the top that was not in service due to lack of water. As far as we know, no tankers entered the site.

        $87K was spent on a cosmetic overhaul to add guiderail and stabilize the bridge. It did NOT improve the structural integrity or change the weight limit. ”

        Also heard from people that used to live back on that street and that was their biggest fear – fire because of the bridge and getting to them.

        I guess everyone will have to wait for the county to weigh in?

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