end of october in the garden


It really is turning into late fall in the garden. The weather has been warmer than it normally is this time of year, but colder weather is just around the corner and plants are starting to show that.

The hydrangea leaves are turning color on the various plants. Some leaves are yellow and green, some a veiny red and green, and one bush is turning a lovely bronze red purple shade.

Other plants are going dormant, the viburnum leaves are turning red on a couple of my bushes, and the deciduous shrubs are all shedding their leaves like mad. The roses have gotten their fall haircuts, and hopefully they won’t have any other unexpected growth spurts before winter is here.

The farmer has taken in his field next-door, and our viewshed is filled with the splendid colors of fall on the trees. This year the trees are more of a golden color. There are some beautiful red hues mixed in, but it’s not as abundant as it has been some other years.

As I walk around my garden I’m proud of what I have accomplished this year. I worked darn hard on it. I had my doubts when the season first began because Mother Nature had wrought such damage in February. I’m guessing as we are almost out of October, that somehow the garden ended up just the way it was supposed to be. I will admit that I am kind of sad the growing season is drawing to a close.

The finality of the growing season was further cemented today when I planted the bulbs I had ordered in the summer. But they are all tucked into various flowerbeds and I look forward to seeing them next spring.

Now it is left to spread more mulch, empty pots, and tidy up. That will be my ongoing project over the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by today!