politics + non-profit nature conservancy = ?


Saw this on a friend’s Facebook page with this comment:

“Like if you think Political Signs should NOT be installed in a beautiful view shed. PS this property is owned by the Brandywine Conservancy and I bet the Politicians did not ask permission.”

Thoughts? And anyone else tired of all the robo-calls and political mailers and the ads on television?

3 thoughts on “politics + non-profit nature conservancy = ?

  1. thank goodness for HGTV, cant stand local channels now, one negative nasty ad after another. We get political signs put on our property without permission. Right now we have a Domino’s now hiring sign….as soon as we can brave traffic to fetch it, think we will hand deliver it back to the Dominos. I hate portable signs in general, the flu shot sign at Lincoln Court in frazer blocks the view exiting the parking lot!

    • I agree with you. Those portable signs are awful. That’s why a lot of municipalities have ordnances restricting where they can be placed and what not . It’s like visual spam

  2. It’s always been my thought that portable political signage is more about warring political parties and campaign staffs sending signals to one another rather than about serving a useful purpose for voters. Have you ever seen such a sign with enough useful information to capture your vote or cause you to change your vote? Do those who take the time to come to the polls and vote really need such reminders? Saddest of all is the amount of money tied up in such signage. Certainly a contribution of those funds to the Chester County Food Bank might be more productive…hm, any local politicians out there brave enough to attempt leveraging media coverage of such a legitimately worthwhile contribution again gumming up the landscape with meaningless cardboard?

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