the farmhouse rots?

Yesterday I wrote about the old historic farmhouse in East Whiteland on Church Road.

This morning I happened to drive by as a passenger in a car.

Simply put, how in the hell is this farmhouse being preserved exactly? Does this perhaps more closely resemble demolition by neglect versus historic preservation? The freaking place is collapsing, it’s clearly visible from the road so WTF?

Also note the “planting” photos. Cheap trees planted too closely together. Wonder if any are on the invasive species list like the developer special Bradford Pear? Whatever these trees will be mostly dead in a few years, wait and see. (sorry not sorry, my opinion as an experienced gardener. I find it ludicrous that these developers clear-cut forest and field, only to plant poorly.)

If Toll Brothers can get up the sales office for their Great Valley Crossing Development don’t they have time or shouldn’t they have time to save the historic farmhouse like people were told would happen?

politics + non-profit nature conservancy = ?


Saw this on a friend’s Facebook page with this comment:

“Like if you think Political Signs should NOT be installed in a beautiful view shed. PS this property is owned by the Brandywine Conservancy and I bet the Politicians did not ask permission.”

Thoughts? And anyone else tired of all the robo-calls and political mailers and the ads on television?

hedges might make good neighbors, but can be hard on drivers

whitelands chiroA couple of weeks ago I called up East Whiteland Township and spoke with the Township Manager Terry Woodman. I guess people around here don’t just call up Township Managers because Manager Woodman seemed a little surprised to get a call from a random citizen, but I am new enough to the area that I do not know who handles what.

I had called East Whiteland about Whitelands Chiropractic on the corner of Church Road and Lancaster Avenue in Frazer.   This is the business immediately next to PNC Bank in Frazer.  pnc

The reason I called is because it is very hard making a left hand turn into PNC bank off of the eastbound side of Lancaster Avenue due to the people who take the right turn on red light out of Church/Markley School Road.  Even though you sit up higher than they do waiting to turn into PNC Bank’s parking lot, it is quite difficult to see the cars waiting to turn right and head west on Lancaster from Church/Markley School Road (see photo at top as an example.)

The flip side is having been a person waiting to turn right (Westbound) onto Lancaster from Church and Markley School Road, it is also often difficult to see people waiting to turn into PNC.4

A BIG part of the reason it is hard to see are the hedges in my humble opinion.  I don’t see why it should be so hard to TRIM them properly.  That is what I asked East Whiteland about a couple of weeks ago. The hedges form an upside down and backward L for lack of a better description.  The other thing I wondered is if the right turn was marked “No right turn on red” or could be considered for such a thing?

Anyway, this isn’t East Whiteland’s fault, but it is something that I noted again today needed to be addressed.

I have no way of knowing if Whitelands Chiropractic owns the property or has a landlord responsible for the hedges but I thought perhaps if someone SAW what I was talking about they could better understand the need to at a minimum trim the hedges back.

another view