the farmhouse rots?

Yesterday I wrote about the old historic farmhouse in East Whiteland on Church Road.

This morning I happened to drive by as a passenger in a car.

Simply put, how in the hell is this farmhouse being preserved exactly? Does this perhaps more closely resemble demolition by neglect versus historic preservation? The freaking place is collapsing, it’s clearly visible from the road so WTF?

Also note the “planting” photos. Cheap trees planted too closely together. Wonder if any are on the invasive species list like the developer special Bradford Pear? Whatever these trees will be mostly dead in a few years, wait and see. (sorry not sorry, my opinion as an experienced gardener. I find it ludicrous that these developers clear-cut forest and field, only to plant poorly.)

If Toll Brothers can get up the sales office for their Great Valley Crossing Development don’t they have time or shouldn’t they have time to save the historic farmhouse like people were told would happen?

5 thoughts on “the farmhouse rots?

  1. I could be wrong, but I believe I was told–during a summer historic tour of EW–that this farmhouse belonged to the Pennypacker and has major historic significance in that regard, dating to before the Revolutionary War. Letting it rot is a disgrace!!!

  2. From old farmhouses to antiques. The younger generation does not have the time or inclination to
    preserve …they want NEW and clean and disposable. That is why antique dealers and re-claimers go out of business. Have you been to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby lately? All repros including galvanized tin look alikes! Why do many of us love Europe? It’s old and beautiful.

  3. …..and, instead of having hearts filled with Love, their filled with Bank Accounts!

  4. My understanding is they will restore the house and resell it as part of the development, similar to what Lennar did with the old Eagle Farm in Chester Springs.

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