He is still missing. We still as an extended family of human beings need to #FindCayman. I wrote about this yesterday. Follow the hyperlink for information or check the Facebook page Find Cayman

If you are a classmate and you think you know where he might have gone, or possibly what was upsetting, please go to your parents so they can go to the police. 

If anyone organizes search parties and could share that information it would also be helpful.  There is one search party beginning at 10 a.m. as per the Find Cayman Facebook Page

Also given the proposed route, would Cayman have gone near the old Waterloo Gardens site ,or St. David’s Church ,or even Chanticleer Gardens or the Willows property ? Or what about the Devon Horse Show grounds? There are 1 million places to hide there if you can get onto the property.

Praying for this boy’s  safe return. Do I know him? No. BUT if you have a boy this age, you know how truly this is every parent’s  nightmare and  could be any boy. Is a heartbreakingly hard and emotional age to be a boy.

A special shout out to the media, specifically television media. Although you have put his story on your websites and that is awesome, it is not getting much air time.

Please anyone who thinks they may have seen this boy or would have an idea of where he could be….please call the police. And if you were a child with an idea and you are uncomfortable calling the police ask your parents to.