I have always liked vintage Fiestaware. And over the weekend I scored some for myself and it’s from the 1950s and it’s really cool. And it was a bargain. Fiestaware can get quite pricey.

Something about it that just makes you smile – I think it’s because the colors are so happy. But I only like the vintage, the modern styles and colors do nothing for me.  

Years ago when my cousin Suzy was still alive I remember doing antique trips with her and there were a couple places in and around New Hope/Flemington/Lambertville that sold a lot of true vintage Fiestaware. One of the stores in New Jersey in particular still stands out in my mind’s eye. They had tons of Fiestaware and a lot of Russian nesting dolls. I wish I could remember the names of the stores but I can’t.

Anyway I just thought I would share this vintage score. And yes I am using it as every day china. That’s what it was designed for.

One thought on “fiesta!!

  1. We use it everyday. It does make you smile and food looks so tasty on the bright colors. I was given an entire set of 12 for a wedding gift. The engagement went bad and had to return it…1958. Now I love it and just have an odd assortment. Can’t put the old Fiesta in the Micro though.

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