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pizap.com14315430407401I was thinking about the post I wrote recently on Devon Horse Show. In it I asked who owns local history, of which the Devon Horse Show is an integral part of the history of Main Line residents, Chester County residents, and so on.

The answer is pretty simple: boards may come and go, but they do not own the history.  Which is why it was ludicrous that they pressured a perfectly nice local historian into cancelling a talk given at a library on the history of the Devon Horse Show, wasn’t it? Just like it is utterly ridiculous they try to squash a roadside historic marker which is an honor, right?

So it got me to thinking. May is Preservation Month if you follow what the National Trust For Historic Preservation does. Devon Horse Show falls in May. So what if there was a grassroots movement to do a THIS PLACE MATTERS on Devon Horse Show?

This is what the National Trust for Historic Preservation says about This Place Matters:

Every single person in the country has places that are important to them. Places they care about. Places that matter. We want to see and celebrate the places that matter to you.

It’s simple…

Download and print the sign (or display it on your phone or tablet). Take a photos with the sign at the places that matter most to you.Share your photos online with the hashtag #ThisPlaceMatters. Look for your photo in the gallery below, and stay tuned to @SavingPlaces on Instagram and Twitter as we spotlight our favorites


What if people did this at Devon this year? You can download the sign art free HERE.

Could you imagine the IMPACT if #ThisPlaceMatters started showing up on social media about Devon Horse Show and started trending? People could do it outside the horse show in case the kabal had a hissy fit. People could start now as a matter of fact.

Boards come and go, but they do not own our history.  The tradition that is Devon Horse Show is part of our history and people have to begin to act now so that Devon and the land are preserved. Because that is one thing that has always bothered me – the question of is the land Devon Horse Show sits on preserved in any way? Is it Is there a trust set up to preserve the actual land? Deed restrictions at county level and so on?

Why are  they are terrified of a historic roadside marker?  Why don’t they want local historical societies discussing the history? Is this all a larger scheme for down the proverbial road? Unfortunately Devon Horse Show seems to be the perfect scenario for conspiracy theories since raw land for development is such a hot commodity, right? (Think of what almost happened to Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show a few years ago with that failed bid for eminent domain for private gain, right?)

Anyway, I was thinking about this. I think the Devon Horse Show is a perfect candidate for #ThisPlaceMatters.

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2 thoughts on “devon horse show: #thisplacematters

  1. I love the National Trust’s #thisplacematters campaign for just this reason: it gives everyone a clear way to express what historic places and traditions are important to them. If nothing else, you just spread the word to the West Coast about the Devon horse show–I didn’t know about it!

    • Cool! Spread the word – people have come from all over the country quite literally to compete in this horse show for over a century

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