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  Something  I did not like today in the checkout line. I had a developmentally challenged adult man who was bagging my  order. He had an aide with him who was kind of pushing him too hard.

The grocery store was picking up with a lot of people in line to check out and I could tell he (the bagger) was getting a little flustered. The aide attached to the man bagging was not picking up on the cues being given by this guy that he needed a break.

 I wasn’t pushing them to get out of the store more quickly, I was happy to wait an extra few minutes so that the man doing the bagging who was developmently disadvantaged could complete his task. But what was happening is the person there being the aide was not particularly patient with the person he was assigned. I don’t know how else to describe it. 

The aide was reaching up and around him and basically just push push pushing him when you could see the man doing the bagging reacting much the same way a child who was upset and being pushed too much would react – he was getting very flustered and I felt very badly. The aid kept saying “you have to do your job, you have to do your job” or something basically like that.

So I went to the store manager on my way out.  The manager was reluctant to go over there and told me that the Giant employees don’t generally interfere with these people and their aides. I was at the Giant on Boot Road in West Chester.

I do not know what the protocol is here, and the gentleman who was with the aid during the bagging did not appear to be Down’s Syndrome but something else.  He was fully capable of doing his assigned tasks, he was just doing it a little more slowly than probably the average person would. Again, I had absolutely  no problem with the job he was doing, I had concerns about the way the aide was treating him.

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    • The problem was I could not get a clear look at the badge of the aide. And I did not want to do anything that would cause the gentleman doing the bagging any more upset. That is why I went to the store manager I saw at the customer service desk. I do have friends checking out for me which agencies are placing in that particular food store.

  1. The aide many have been under pressure too. They often are by the agencies who employ them. It would be cool to commiserate with them both, even let your bagger know you’re fine if he needs to slow down bagging, then gently suggest to the aide his client seemed stressed, and maybe a break was in order. A lot of times the aide perceives a need to meet standards that are just that, perceptions. Other times they are being pressured to have the client to meet a work goal we know nothing about.

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