vintage sewing fun

If you don’t sew at  all you’re not going to understand why this is so fun, but if you do you will totally get it!

We stopped at one of my favorite spots today so I could do a little treasure hunting. And for $8 look what I found!

It’s a pin cushion rocking chair. It has a little drawer for buttons and thimbles and notions, a slot for scissors, and six places where you can place spools of thread.

It was handmade by a man in Oregon long ago (he affixed a little paper label in the very back of the drawer).

I don’t sew a lot, but I do sew a bit. I do some embroidery, crewel work, needlepoint and am not a traditional quilter but like restoring vintage quilts sometimes so they can remain in use. And I do the basic darning and hemming and button sewing most leave these days for their dry cleaners.   

To me this pincushion is a lot of fun! I have an old fashioned rectangular picnic basket to store most of my sewing stuff, but this is perfect for a few spools of basic colored thread , needles, straight pins, and some extra buttons and things!


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