trump as the future of american politics is terrifying

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According to an ABC News Poll just released, this is the GOP ranking of candidates for president right now:

Trump 24%

Walker 13%

Bush 12%

Huckabee 8%

Rubio 7%

Now mind you this isn’t the complete slate of everybody and Joe The Plumber wishing to get the GOP nod. CLICK HERE for the PDF from The Washington Post and ABC News.

And I thought the fact Hillary Clinton was running again was scary enough. But seriously, can you imagine what Trump would do to the White House? (See photo shop above for political rebranding spoof of the White House.)

Shaking my head on this one.

Possible campaign slogans for Trump include “A Comb-Over in Every Pot” (With apologies to the Herbert Hoover slogan “A chicken in every pot”.)

Eyes rolling. America is awash in the politics of craziness.

 Washington Post: Politics Poll: Trump surges to big lead in GOP presidential race

ABC News: Donald Trump Gains Yet Shows Vulnerability in a Crowded, Contentious GOP Race (POLL) Jul 20, 2015, 5:00 PM ET By GARY LANGER

Langer Research Expanded Presidential Poll PDF

And P.S. I am also REALLY tired of fake e-mails from Jeb Bush constantly trying to link him to his father. He isn’t his father anymore than his brother was. It’s like the television soap operas Dynasty or Dallas re-made for CSPAN or something. Just makes you wonder if Bernie Sanders is the most sane of the lot of them if not the most interesting?

No, no candidate has piqued my fancy. I think it is all a crazy political rodeo at present but it might make a really funny video game….calling JibJab……


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  1. Bernie Sanders? My 17 year old son thinks so….!

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  2. Good point about Sanders. Sanders v. Trump would be very interesting! Both look more like change than the others, Sanders in substance and Trump in style. Sanders would change the money and wealth system; Trump is the money and wealth system.

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