information wanted on loch aerie in frazer


Ok so here is the deal: I was contacted by a rather cool and prestigious PennDesign professor from the University of Pennsylvania. He’s the  kind of guy who often introduces preservation minded buyers to historical prosperties.

He thinks Frazer’s own Loch Aerie or Lockwood Mansion is amazing Victorian fabulousness. He wants to be connected with whomever the Tabas family has in charge of Loch Aerie. I can’t keep up with the realtors on the site so I have no clue who is agent for the property.

If you have any information on with whom to connect this professor to, please leave a comment.



4 thoughts on “information wanted on loch aerie in frazer

  1. I have admired this masterpiece “Loch Aerie” since I was a child.
    I am forwading this friends who may be able to supply some much needed information about this gem.

  2. I have an extraordinary amount of information on this property and have been personally trying to save this exquisite masterpiece for several years now. How can I contact you to discuss more?

  3. The Dowingtown Historical Society is housed in a former Tabas property that they wanted to raze. It’s an 18th century house, now surrounded by the Ashbridge shopping center. It’s only a few yards from a Chic-fil-A… Anyway, they know how to contact the remaining Tabas family members … At least the Lockwood estate was saved but they lost the battle with Home Depot. I believe that was the first example where the old recommendations about saving land around an historic property were ignored. Now it happens all the time.

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