linden hall december, 2015

This is what I was referring to recently – a lot of windows are getting broken in the rush to build townhouses. Now I get with restoration they will need new windows but why let all the elements in ?

(East Whiteland Historical Commission, hello? What do you people actually do?)   


3 thoughts on “linden hall december, 2015

  1. Hi! Just wondering if you saw the renovation that happened to the building in the village of Yellow Springs. It looks so pretty! Hope you get a chance to see it. Regards – Maureen Fendrick

    • If you are referring to the house next to Jenny Lind, yes but did not realize it was finished! I was very excited to see that happening!

  2. It looks like Linden Hall is separate from the the townhome development since there is a for sale/build to suit sign on it. I guess they wanted too much for Pulte to pay for that piece of land. It seems really odd to me to have a business with very little parking space in front of a bunch of townhomes.

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