snowy sunday

It’s a lazy slightly snowy Sunday on a holiday weekend. Not much snow in the way of accumulation, just Mother Nature giving us a little frosting, reminding us it’s winter.
  Christmas is finally tucked away in labeled plastic tubs in the attic. Now I look at my house with fresh eyes and as much as I love my vintage ornaments, Santas , and nutcrackers I am glad everything is finally put away. I tried to be better organized this year putting things away, so we’ll see how well I did when December rolls around again.
  I got a really cool Italian print for my kitchen for Christmas and yesterday I took it and a new woodblock cut my friend artist Margery Niblock sent me (also for Christmas) over to Framers Market Gallery in Malvern yesterday for framing and matting.
 But adding two new pieces to my walls means something  has to give.  Which means I have been going from room to room to figure out what gets moved where…and what just comes down. I can always rotate on the walls.

  I have been sitting here with magazines strewn across the bed looking for ideas and future inspiration. Originally I wasn’t going to do this today but the family room has been commandeered as teen game central for hours,  and after cleaning up the kitchen and oiling the cabinets the sounds of gaming sent me up to look at magazines. Either that or I would start commenting on how is it they can yell “ouch” and “ow” repeatedly when we’re talking about what is going on via a television screen. 

(Oops my age and video game intolerance is showing. )

  Today I  have seen all sorts of just fun ideas and repurposing while flipping through my magazine pile which has been accumulating since mid- December. I just love the ideas and possibilities even if it is not something I will necessarily do.

 Old vanity tables repurposed. The beauty of old mismatched candlesticks clustered together.


 China cabinets showing up as unexpected storage. An armoire turning into pantry storage in a kitchen. A chippy industrial stool and old signage used as art. Vintage fabrics and linens, farm egg baskets as storage, old white milkglass, pretty vintage books, and more.

 Some of what I see in the magazines  is too fussy and over the top for me. A great deal of what they stage isn’t what you could live with every day, but taking elements here and there and adding it to your home is fun.
  From vintage linens to repurposing things as lighting, seating, and storage it’s a totally fun way to pass the time. You can get some fabulous ideas. And you realize how often you see some of what they are repurposing in thrift or consignment shops, garage sales, and even flea markets.  These are a lot of the things my friend Kristin picks up for the Smithfield Barn – and there sometimes it amazes me that people can’t see the possibilities… and then I see a similar item repurposed in a magazine. 

 And yes, I also went through a gardening magazine or two. 

All in all it has been a lovely and lazy snowy Sunday. (And Downton Abbey is on later!) 

Thanks for stopping by!