name that storm (to be)…. #blizzardpocalypse

This was either from snowpocalypse or snowmageddon

This was either from snowpocalypse or snowmageddon of 2010

Sooo…what are we going to hashtag this thing. You know we can’t get through a weather event without a HASHTAG. What would the media do?

Coming up with hashtags and acronyms is amusing to me – games with words, after all.

They are calling this a “blizzard for the ages” and even the New York Times seems all hyped up about this storm.

PA Governor Tom Wolf has already declared a state of emergency.

The media to INCREASE storm hype are calling this Winter Storm Jonas. Since that makes you think of a bad boy band, that might make for an angry storm just out of storm lame name indignation.

Anyway, every good storm needs a hashtag and I say …..(wait for it)….  ‪#‎Blizzardpocalypse‬

#Blizzardpocalypse has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Yes I know, I am being all glib now and this time Saturday I might be somewhat crabby and not wanting a repeat of Little House in The Big Woods 2014 or Modern O’Pioneer.

But for now? For now I am having a little fun.

Please remember to use common sense and stay off the roads and keep fire hydrants CLEAR of snow. And don’t forget to stock up on bread and milk.

Again, feel free to post photos of snow in your neighborhood on Chester County Ramblings Facebook page.