snow is coming (well it is winter)

milk sandwich

Okay. So it’s going to be a whole lot of something or a whole lot of nothing. The last storm like this that was a Snowmageddon were those storms in 2010. You watch lots of TV, read books and take snow photos. In my case it was also an excellent opportunity to clean house and redecorate. (Plaid just wasn’t my color.)

Here is what the National Weather Service said not so long ago:

snow advisorySo…how about this? Post your snow photos on Chester County Ramblings Facebook Page like everyone does for the TV stations and newspapers. No prizes, just #showyoursnow – hey use that hash tag!! #showyoursnow 


We survived the ice storm of February, 2014, so #wegotthis. Be smart, be safe, keep neighborhood fire hydrants clear of snow (if you have any on your street), make French Toast and Pancakes….and drink good cocoa and coffee.  Some say beer, but I don’t drink beer because I don’t like it (yes I know some consider it a crime against nature.)

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