all that is left are the flowers


This weekend was my 35th high school reunion from Shipley. And in a blink and a whir of activity it was over.

A lot of people do not go to their reunions for various reasons.  I get it, but in the end I am always glad that I went.

I have a very diverse class and I think so many have become the most interesting people as we have gotten older.  This year, we had several people who had never, ever attended a reunion decide to attend.  I think that made it even more special.

My class was one of the last of the classes of the boarding department – Shipley as did many schools – used to be a boarding and a day school. So we have people coming from literally everywhere.

Our class always has a good time whenever we get together.  We meld.  We add refugees from other classes every time too, which makes the weekend even more fun! This time was no different. But it was all over so soon!

So today, my classmates are on my mind. I can still hear the sounds of laughter and conversation echoing in my head. It’s really nice being able to hit the pause button and catch up.

But now life returns to normal and all that is left are the pretty flowers and some really great memories of a wonderful weekend.