dear mother nature, enough tree pruning already


Dear Mother Nature,

I happened to like that oak tree very much.  But then you came along and had other ideas this morning with that whiplash crazy thunderstorm.

I am really sorry I hadn’t ripped the poison ivy off it yet, but sometimes I don’t get back into the woods enough with all of the gardening I do.

But seriously, Mother Nature, we take really good care of our trees and well this morning you just were wind and lightening vicious. I know I am VERY grateful nothing landed on the house, but I really liked that tree.

And now we have to clean it up. And I don’t think we can save what is left.

Maybe you are telling me the tree canopy needs adjustment, I don’t know.

But easy on my woods. This is the second tree this spring. And you got some of my little saplings today too.

Very truly yours,


oak down 2