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Do Not Call lists must mean nothing because we are on all of them and I renew them  to make sure we are still on “Do Not Call Lists” . But that doesn’t stop the India/ Philippines telemarkers because apparently calling in from out of the country is some sort of loophole I am told, and well heaven forbid our politicians do anything productive with their time, right? (Do I sound jaded? Sorry but the deluge of political and political lobbying calls and it is not even November are a bit much at this point and they totally ignore Do Not Call requests.)

Anyway, today I got one that was bad enough I called the company they mentioned, which were major  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of PA providers, known to all as Independence Blue Cross, Capital Blue Cross, and HiMark. It’s a SCAM and one which WILL cost the unsuspecting actual money. And probably insurance providers too, and I do not know about you but I think I pay quite enough now for health insurance.

The number is 814-753-4736. It comes up as being from State College PA.  It has been calling repeatedly so this time I answered.  I put it on speaker phone and said “hello”.


This call was something about some new pain relief that is non-narcotic, applied directly to the pain area and 100% covered by insurance. Said to press 1 now to order the medication. They want to give you this revolutionary medical device / medicine and bill your insurance policy and they are approved in Pennsylvania to make this call. There was an option 5 I think it was to instruct your medical provider you wanted this whatever it was – it sounded like a pain patch to me, but I am not sure. All I know is it was for pain.

No one in my house suffers from chronic pain and well, we don’t take prescription pain meds. We are pretty boring: ibuprofen, Tylenol, aspirin and even that is sparingly taken.

scammer-calling-510pxAgain, I was so appalled in this day and age of doctors over-prescribing pain medication and the constant opiate addiction death stories that started with prescription pain meds that are constantly in the news that I actually called three major providers across the state.  Their reaction was the same: WHAT?????

So in my humble opinion, they are NOT approved to call people, and nothing like this exists, and they are a scam. No option for “Do Not Call” and when you call back the phone number can’t be connected.

Why am I bothering to write about this? Number one I am SICK of telemarketing calls.  I know all of our numbers are on Do Not Call lists in Pennsylvania and on the Federal Registry, and we still get the calls. And these calls do not include all of the political calls live and robo. Or the fake charity calls live and robo.

And given the fact that there ARE people out there who live with chronic pain for whatever reason, people might actually fall for this.  Or if they are elderly, might naively assume their doctor or insurance agent told these people to call.

(814)-753-4736 seems to be a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) line, which means someone buys it and the caller ID might say one place, but origination point is another.  I know because I helped an old employer get one set up – he didn’t actually have a New York Office, but wanted people to think he did so he got a VoIP line that was a New York City area code, but you were actually calling through to Pennsylvania if you called it. lists the number as a Zipwhip US VoIP and ValidNumber says it is registered to  Landline device operated by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC.

Level 3 Communications are telemarketing whores for hire. Level 3 has had complaints lodged against them by the Federal Trade Commission and I am guessing they haven’t been too successful since they are still in business. They operate a Tier 1 network. The company provides core transport, IP, voice, video, and content delivery for medium-to-large Internet carriers in North America, Latin America, Europe, and selected cities in Asia, among other things. (here is their Wikipedia page.)

Anyway, if you get this number, don’t answer. Block the number if possible. There are too many scams out there. And if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.  If your health insurer were to offer subscribers anything additional, it would come to you in writing from them and in my opinion, not like this.

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5 thoughts on “blue cross/ blue shield scam phone call alert

  1. An easy way to stop these calls is by the use of nomorobo (Google it). Nomorobo is a free system that works with many phone systems, definitely Verizon and maybe Concast. About 4 years ago it was the co-winner of a contest held by the FCC. The goal was a system to stop robo calls. It basically looks at your incoming calls and compares it to a database and if it is a robo, the system hangs up. You do get a single ring so if a 2nd ring occurs it likely isn’t a robo call. But if it is an undesirable caller, you can add to the list.

    The fictious Penn State number is in the system, or perhaps I added it. But now when I grt a robocall, the phone rings once, then disconnects the caller.

    It works great!

    • Oh I already blocked them – my phone system allows it – I was waiting to see what the call was about

  2. At least Verizon only allows blocking 10 numbers, although I haven’t checked on that lately because nomorobo does such a great job!

  3. I just got one of these calls and am also very annoyed. However, please don’t go blaming the government or the “do not call list.” These scammers have computers that dial random numbers, and they are probably located in a foreign country, there is not much the politicians can do to stop this. They call from different numbers too. Pressing a digit on your phone to be connected will probably make it worse, as they may save this number as a “sucker.” Best just to hang up.

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