election overload

I love the one stop shopping on King Road: Test Prep, homemade political vitriol, and the campaign sign of a Democrat whose financial habits apparently rival Trump’s .

I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to see one more sign from any candidate!

I don’t want one more Robo call!

Before I went out this morning to a doctor’s appointment there were four in a row both parties. My favorite of that bunch was the heavy breather from the National Rifle Association.  

Then when I came home after my doctor’s appointment I had missed five more Robo calls from imaginary made up numbers. One left a message wanting to speak to the man of the house that was the Republican National Committee. I’m sorry GOP but this little woman erased your message. (I figured since I wasn’t supposed to worry my pretty little head about it it was OK)

I can’t even listen to the radio because today one of Katie McGinty’s big donors must be paying for a lot of airtime. So today I get to hear how she was conceived of immaculate conception and her mother is the Virgin Mary.

 I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version of what the truth is on Katie McGinty: she’s one of Fast Eddie’s girls from way back and she’s a political opportunist. So she might’ve been raised on wholesome family values, but Saint she ain’t. Much like Josh Shapiro, she hopes to ride Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit.

Every time I turn on the TV, Donald Trump has one of his children from one of his wives making a campaign stop somewhere.  Then there was the whole visual of him in a Wawa buying tastykakes. 

Every time I turn on the TV there are any number of attack ads from any number of candidates in three states.

I open my mailbox and it’s full glossy flyers I can’t return to sender. Both parties. Every day.

I am suffering from election sensory overload

At this point for the first time in my life during a presidential election, I feel like crawling into bed and pulling the quilt over my head until election day is over.  

All the freaking money these people are spending attacking each other could be put to better use. They might actually be able to help people in need.

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  1. Amen and Amen from Kansas- even worse here, since we have state elections that have become rather nasty. My husband and I voted Monday morning- DONE, no more decision making BUT the flyers, phone calls and emails don’t stop! HELP Hopefully it will be over on Nov. 9- and at least some of us can return to a sane life.

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