on walls.

Dear People Celebrating Border Walls Being Built,

Your taxpayer dollars and all of our taxpayer dollars are building the US equivalent of the Great Wall of China meets the Berlin Wall.

As a wise friend said today, build a wall and someone else will build a tunnel. By all means beef up the borders, but a wall is a fools’ errand. And we get to pay for it. Now and in the future.  

Nationalism and patriotism are fine but are being perverted and twisted into something ugly. I do not feel that was what the founding fathers intended. 

We are a nation founded of immigrants who fled tyranny and religious persecution for the hopes of a better life. We now seem to be a country in the early stages of a dictatorship, not democracy. Democracy implies a thoughtful balanced process, and we are not seeing that.

What we are seeing in this country is the politics of extremism hard at work. The politics of extremism foments hate, and fear, and ugliness. There is nothing “great” about that.

A lot of the people celebrating each new hour and things like building walls and putting a woman’s place in a wayback time machine to the 1950s and earlier are people who profess themselves to be Christians. I am having a particularly hard time getting my head wrapped around that.

Sorry I just don’t get it.

Sorry this garbage is not what it means to be an American.

Be careful if you leave a comment as I am in a not suffering fools lightly kind of mood.

And if you want to read a really interesting piece on America’s new reality, check out:

Politico: How Trump Could Shrink the Government (While Still Keeping the Good Stuff)

Call it limited-government liberalism, or compassionate conservatism, Washington could ink a new contract with Americans. Is the new president bold enough to try?

By MICHAEL GRUNWALD January/February 2017

4 thoughts on “on walls.

  1. The fAct that someone is finally going to do something, anything, about the huge problems that are encompassed in immigration reform is refreshing.
    I have seen with my own eyes what a policy like that of the socialist German government has accomplished. Before we criticize our current administration’s attempt at fixing this problem one needs to have better first hand knowledge of the ramifications of doing zero.
    The “wall” is a visible symbol of what I hope is a over all policy of strict control on immigration.
    I will opine that, those who endorse socialism really need to spend some time in a country that practices it…….like Moldova for example…
    Only then will they have an actual point of reference from which their arguments can be made. If they want their positions to be taken seriously that is.

    • Dear friend, there is a big difference between doing something like having a strict policy and building a wall. And I am hardly a socialist. As a matter fact overall I’m fairly conservative. But this guy in his initial days in office has wanted to reduce women’s rights, “shut off” part of the Internet, stifle first amendment rights,and build a wall that I don’t think I need to pay for. And these are only a few things. There is a big difference between good government and riding the crazy train don’t you think?

  2. Frankly, it baffles me that, in this age of terrorism, anyone would object to having secure borders. Granted, no wall is foolproof, but let’s at least provide some kind of barrier.

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