two opportunities to be heard on BOTH crebilly and bishop tube – andy dinniman town hall meetings scheduled


Now I will tell you that Senator Dinniman’s website has been down all day – as per his office it is not just him, but a lot of State Senators – ironically all Democrats. Republican websites seem to be working. So when his site is back up and running, I will link to it and post more details.

But the thing is this: if you are concerned about CREBILLY in Westtown or BISHOP TUBE in East Whiteland, the town hall meetings present a unique opportunity to be heard by our State Senator.

So carpe diem folks! Don’t let people disparage you by calling you NIMBY because you want where you live to be protected properly, tell someone elected to help us how you feel.  Senator Andy Dinniman is a super pleasant man, so just be polite. 

You can also email him at or phone his office at (610) 692-2112 or (717) 787-5709.