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“You have to get people to value history.”

As developers take over Chester County 1 acre at a time, what makes a community? What value do history and traditions have? And why isn’t the Chester County Planning Commission doing anything except cheering on developers?

Especially note the part about Fox Catcher and what Toll Brothers did there. It will be the fate of Crebilly if that plan goes through.

This short film shown by the Newtown Square Historical Society is so thought provoking. I wish more local historical societies would record the history for posterity like this. This film is by Hanna Bottger when she was a student at The University of Pennsylvania. I believe she now resides in New York.

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  1. As a member of the Caln Historical Society and Caln Historical Commission in Chester County, I am so glad that Newtown Square has citizens who are determined to save and preserve the special places so familiar to me. I was born and raised in Broomall and have so many special landmarks that I loved in Newtown and Edgemont areas.
    I want to share your video with my fellow members at Caln. I have resided in West Whiteland and Caln for 43 years and value it’s history too.
    We must all value history; it’s who we are. All of the historical resources must be offered to young people in order to keep the history alive. These resources should be offered to the history departments in school districts and promote field trips and education to all school children. If we get them early enough, we can create a new generation of protectors of historical assets in the communities. Thanks again for such a wonderful video.

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