#freethepress washington d.c.

A friend of mine forwarded an email with the following message:



Exciting news! Tomorrow is the day!

You’ve been with us since the beginning in fighting to protect the rights of a free press in the face of an administration that’s called the press “the enemy” and is bent on labelling journalists “fake news.”

Thursday, join Free The Press and The Factinista for the First Independent White House Press Briefing as a nonpartisan media coalition highlights the unprecedented anti-media climate journalists face today.

Stand in solidarity in defense of a free and transparent press corps.

We will hear from a diverse group of speakers, including Jenni Monet and Nomiki Konst.

Date: Thursday, April 27

Time: 12:30 PM

Location: Lafayette Square Park: Pennsylvania Ave NW & 16th Street NW, directly across from the White House
Thank you! (And, if you’d like to contribute to help produce this event, click here.)

– Nomiki and the #FreethePress Team


I know nothing about this group or the event, but a truly free press is a hallmark of the independence that this great country was founded upon. Patriotism takes many forms.


Here is their website: https://www.freethepress.net/home