a little visit to the grande dame of frazer

I visited my favorite grande dame in Frazer today. I had to make a stop at Home Depot, so I had to go say hello to Loch Aerie.

I did not go inside because I did not have permission, and as a matter of fact I stayed on the perimeter because it’s very muddy and I just wanted to see how the mansion looked.

Loch Aerie is looking happier. Seriously. Her new owners have accomplished so much already! This is an awesome adaptive reuse happening.

You will notice when you look at the picture of the rear that they did have to tear off that back sort of porch enclosure because it was, well, rotting. So I’m not surprised by that in the least.

Loch Aerie is going to be lovely when she is finished! I can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “a little visit to the grande dame of frazer

  1. Love this house. Love your blog. Please do a photo coffee table book of Chester county. I’d pay 100$ (Or more) for a copy.

  2. This house has always been one of my favs. There are a few gems here. Check out Edge’s Mill district and mill on Edge’s Mill Rd. and rt. 340. Caln has a lot of close to 300 yr. old houses. Then there is the Bondsville Mill that is being brought back to life on 340. Love this area. Just wish developers would keep hands off open spaces infringing on the historical areas.

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