who are we?

Who are we? No that isn’t a trick question or something esotericly oddball. Who are we as in DNA?

Well I took a DNA test.  ( Ancestry.com)  I hate to sound like the commercial, but there were a few surprises.

First let’s start with my maternal grandmother.  Pennsylvania German, was told her family was German, yet  what defines German? Not so much according to the actual DNA.

I am also not half Italian.  45%. The Southern Italy makes sense because according to family history some Northern Italian ancestors traveled south with some king, and settled there.

The Irish percentage of my DNA make-up is spot on at 25% but allows for Ireland/Scotland/Wales.

I was not expecting 6% Great Britain, although perhaps it accounts for my affinity for things British, and will undoubtedly please my British stepfather.

I was not expecting Scandinavian ancestry, or any of the lesser DNA percentages that create the sum of my whole.

What it showed me quite clearly as an American, is I am a DNA melting pot of my very own.  It’s kind of fascinating.

Also amusing? Via my DNA I supposedly may have over 100 cousins who are 4th cousins or closer.

Where do I go for here? Not sure, but it is very interesting stuff!